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Burros in Oatman

Long story short...

These photos below are from Oatman, Arizona where we headed for our November 2009 Driveout.  There was a gun fight and a wedding right in the middle of main street.  This meant that traffic came to a halt until both of these events were finished…  The burros could care less what kind of car they encountered, especially Corvettes!  The burros also held up traffic until they felt like moseying along to find carrots that the tourists brought to feed them.














Long story short...

From Mike and Maricel Peterson…


On Friday Sept. 4th, we took a leisurely drive in the local Tucson area.  It was near dusk, and it was actually Maricel's first ride in our recently acquired '99 C5 Convertible.


Knowing how dangerous trucks can be to Corvettes, I was leaving plenty of room between us and a lifted 4x4 in front of us on Cortaro Road in Tucson.  Suddenly - BAM!  A rock the size of a grapefruit flew up and hit the headlight door, breaking the left front outer corner of the headlight cover!  I immediately pulled over to inspect the damage and found the broken piece hanging on by one strand of fiberglass - ARGGHHH!


Fortunately, there's an excellent body shop here in Tucson who are experts in fiberglass repair and paint matching.  The last photo shows the repaired "eyelid" and the amazing thing is… they turned it around in only a day and a half!




















Exhaust Remote Installation

Long Story Short...

Robert and Becky Lopez have been waiting since October to have the remote control exhaust baffle switch installed in their Corvette.  They learned about this switch from Steve and Lyn DeLano on the Devil's Hwy Driveout.  They could just never get together with Ed for the purchase on subsequent driveouts.  Finally... on the Bagdad Driveout, Ed Frias sold and installed this remote that he custom made for them.  Ed brought along his 7mm wrench and installed the transmitter/receiver in the parking lot at Circle Bar Steakhouse.  It only took FIVE minutes for Ed to get the switch operational!!!  Boy, you should have seen the smile on Robert's face when he heard what he had been missing all this time.  Now Robert and Becky's  biggest decision when driving their 2008 C6 equipped with factory installed dual mode exhausts (NPP)... is when to OPEN or CLOSE those sweet sounding baffled exhausts!!!




Jeff Bootz losing his top!

Long story short...

Jeff Bootz had his roof delaminate and fly off of his '06 Z06 while going at a pretty good speed on the Heart Attack Grill Driveout on January 17th, 2009.  That top was headed directly back to Steve and Lyn DeLano who were following him. Before it did any damage, the wind caught it and the top ended up in the dirt on the other side of the road!

FYI... Roof delamination has been a problem on both C6's and Z06's from 2005 to early 2007.  You can read about it on Corvette Forum .  Talon90 on post #11 explains it perfectly!























Pam Wolfson's Devil's Hwy Trophy!

Long story short...

Pam Wolfson hit a rock in her '04 Z06 that took out her oil pan on our Devil's Hwy Driveout on October 4-5, 2008.  Hwy 191 has 500 switchbacks and has the most turns of any road in the country within 60 miles.  Pam picked a good place to have this happen.  There were about two car lengths of shoulder to pull off onto!  Pam recieved the painted rock below!  Pictured at the bottom  is the original oil pan that husband Craig made into a trophy for her.  The dark area on the upper left corner is a JB Weld temporary patch that Craig applied to get them home.  For the rest of the story, go to the Completed Driveout page and scroll down to the Devil's Hwy Driveout.































Corvettes in Snow!

Long story short...

One more incident occured on the Devil's Hwy Driveout Driveout on October 4-5, 2008!  Corvettes hit SNOW!!!   It didn't happen until the next morning, but if you ever want to see anyone afraid to drive in the snow, just ask a Corvette owner!  They will go into meltdown!!!  As you can see below, the roads were pretty yucky!