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Rod's Steakhouse in Williams Saturday May 11, 2013

Rod's Steakhouse - Williams AZ  Saturday May 11, 2013

Another wonderful driveout and lunch at Rod's Steakhouse in Williams! As usual the food was good and the drive was beautiful. The group walked the main street afterwards and had a great time visiting the various stores and seeing the history of Route 66. Most of us were pretty full after lunch but two of the couples had to visit one of the other restaurants to have a piece of their famous pies for dessert, I must say it looked good! After lunch and our walk down the main street, half the group headed back down to Phoenix via I 17 and the rest of us headed the west route back to Chino Valley and Prescott.  It's always a scenic ride and a great lunch, maybe again next year!

Ed Frias

Rod's Steakhouse

301 Route 66


Jerome Haunted Hamburger  Feb. 23, 2013

Haunted Hamburger in Jerome - Saturday Feb.23

We had reservations for lunch at 11:30am at the Haunted Hamburger in Jerome.  The drive was nice as usual and the food was great, just ask Erick Beer who had a hamburger that was at least 6 inches tall!  (( : We met at the Prescott Costco parking lot at 9:45am and were on our way 10:15.  We took Hwy 69 to Glassford Hill Rd in PV then turned left north to Hwy 89a and east over Mingus Mountain to Jerome. There is always plenty of parking in  the new large parking lot just north and behind the Fire Station where the sharp "U" turn is.  If you've never had a hamburger from the Haunted Hamburger, you' need to take a trip to Jerome just for that, besides visiting all the quaint little shops scattered throughout this historic mining town built on the side of a mountain it's a real

Ed Frias

The Haunted Hamburger
Home Page


Flagstaff  Snowbowl Skyride Sept 22, 2012

Flagstaff Snowbowl Skyride  -  Sept.22, 2012

We met at our normal starting place, the Prescott Costco parking lot at 9am and left by 9:30 . This month we headed north to Flagstaff to take the exciting sky lift up the to the top of the San Francisco Peaks before the snow season starts. We had 9 Corvettes and 15 people join for the driveout.  We first had reservations at noon for one of our favorite restaurants in Flagstaff (Ruby Tuesday) for lunch before taking the ride up the mountain. As usual the food was good and Dave the manager always has a place reserved for our group.  After lunch we drove over to our main attraction  about 20 minutes away and started the ride somewhere around 2pm. Our group discount  (10 or more) was half price,  $7.50 each  for ages up to 64, $5 for 64 to 69 and free for seniors 70 and up.  We all reached the loading station and lined up, they take a couple at a time and walk you out to an area where the ski lift seats come around and sweep you up as they  go rolling by and up the mountain. The Snowbowl ski lift starts at about the 8000ft elevation level and ends at the 11,500ft elevation.  The very highest peaks are still another 1100 feet higher and can only be reached by hiking, but only from trails all the way from the lower station. The rangers at the top were very friendly, answered any questions we had and supplied some drinking water. There was also rest rooms with a sign posted above, "Highest Restrooms in Arizona."  Can anybody say "Relief at 11,500 feet?" 

The scenery was beautiful at this time of the year, many of the trees were turning colors and the various shades of greens and yellows was just gorgeous.  The ride itself  took a little over 30 minutes so everybody had time to enjoy the scenery and chat with their riding partner. Ya get to say hello to a lot of people as the riders going down are passing the riders going up every 15 to 20 seconds. Coming down the mountain was a little scarier because you really notice how high you are when looking downwards, not only at the station below at the 8k level, but also seeing further down at areas below Flagstaff.  By the time we all headed down, the weather was starting to cool off , our timing was perfect. Overall it was a fun driveout, a good lunch and an exciting place to visit.

If you'd like more details about the ride, please go to the Snowbowl website below.

Thanks to all who participated and and to Carl and Barbara Braendle for supplying the pictures!

Ed Frias 

Flagstaff Snowbowl - Skyride

 Arizona Snowbowl

9300 N Snowbowl Road, Flagstaff, AZ
(928) 779-1951

Ruby Tuesday Restaurant - Menu
Dave (Manager) 928-522-0414

4650 N US Hwy 89 Ste C32

Flagstaff, AZ






Hualapai Mountain Resort

Lunch at Hualapai Mountain Resort - Completed 5-19-12

What a wonderful and scenic drive this was! As planned, five people and four vettes met at Costco at 8am and departed by 8:30, we picked up another two couples and two vettes in Chino Valley and one more couple from Flagstaff and their vette at the I 40 on-ramp. It didn't take as long as I thought it would to get to our destination, we arrived at the resort center an hour early (at 11am) but they were still ready for us. Driving up Hwy 89 to the I 40 and then west to SW Ranch Road (just before Kingman) is always a nice scenic drive, but once we reached DW Ranch Road and headed south the drive became fantastic. We went south for about 9 miles on a narrow (but smooth) winding two lane mountain road that took us through some beautiful Arizona country.  I would describe it like driving through Oak Creek Canyon, only greener and with much different rock scape. We saw a few scattered homes here and there as we followed the mountain road to the resort, but it wasn't until we got close to our destination did we discover this cozy little mountain town out in the middle of nowhere. Hualapai Resort is nestled in the middle of the forest with towering mountain cliffs and beautiful green picturesque valleys all around, We were met at the entrance by one of the owners (Ron) who directed us to the restaurant. There was plenty of parking (all dirt but not dusty) and all the facilities were sort of nestled together in an "L" shaped configuration on one side of the parking lot. There was a tiny but quaint little general store and when I say tiny, I mean tiny like the size of a small bedroom but very cute. Then there was the restaurant (good size and capable of holding probably 60 to 80 people), then the two level hotel and it rustic rooms off to the right of the restaurant. Rom gave us a tour of the hotel rooms before leaving, all were very nice and cozy and ranged from $79 to $149 a night, they offer special rates for groups.  When we entered the restaurant we were met by the hostess who directed us to a private room where they had set up our long "last supper" style table for the group. (((( ;  Our waitress (Lou) was a local Kingman girl who did a great job serving and waiting on us. Kim (Ron's wife and co-owner) also came out and greeted all of us as well as checked on the group throughout our meal.  I told them their meal tip depended on how well they could remember all eleven of our names, and can you believe it, they did it!  ((( ;  Now for the review on the food!  It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!  Our group wasn't as big as anticipated so we all ordered off the menu, basically a Hualapai Resort newspaper with all the details of the resort as well as the restaurant menu. Prices were reasonable (average $7 to $9 meals) and the food was not only delicious but a generous serving size. I loved both my french dip roast beef sandwich as well as their unique french fries. The menu was pretty extensive and offered something for everybody.

All agreed, the drive, the atmosphere, the service and the food were all excellent and Ron & Kim have done a great job to make this cozy little place well worth visiting. If I ever drive by the Kingman area again, I'll definitely make this a stopping place for lunch! The resort is actually one mile past the Hualapai Mountain Park where you can stop, see the natural wild life, take a hike or just enjoy the beautiful surroundings, it's $5 per car to enter the park.  

Hualapai Resort is located about nine miles south of the I 40 at the DW Ranch Rd turnoff, after a few miles it "T's" at Hualapai Mtn Rd where you turn left and continue south to the resort. I highly recommend the resort to all who would love to get away and visit one of the coziest hidden places in AZ!


Ed Frias
Velocity Vettes

Hualapai Resort Website - Click


Grand Canyon Driveout

The Grand Canyon + Breakfast & Lunch - Completed 4-7-2012

Sorry for the delay in this posting.

Velocity Vettes had another fantastic driveout to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon! No matter how many times I see this incredible landmark, it's just an awesome display of God's creation! 

We had a pretty large group for this driveout, 24 people, 12 Corvettes and 1 Plymouth Prowler. Yes, we've picked up Hot Rod owned by Vic & Kathie Springer (PV) on the last couple of driveouts and we enjoy their company.  We again met at our usual starting place, Prescott Costco parking lot at 8am and were on the road by 8:30. Three Vettes and five people came up from Phoenix to meet at our starting place while one other met us as we passed through Chino Valley.  A full day was planned and it started by driving up Hwy 89 to I-40, then east to Williams and north on Hwy 64 to the Canyon. We stopped in Valle for breakfast at the Grand Canyon Inn which is halfway between Williams and the Grand Canyon. Some wires got crossed and the restaurant was short handed, so we had to wait a little longer than expected to eat, but the group was patient and everybody used the time to get to know each other a little better, the food was good! 


We continued north for another 45 minutes before reaching the main entrance to the Canyon. A block before we got to the gate, some of the group were playing musical chairs getting in and out of each others cars, pairing everybody up with at least one senior pass in each of the cars, I won't reveal whose smart idea it was but it worked. ( ; I had made a dry run a few days earlier and picked the place I thought would not be too crowded, and it worked out well. The main visitor center where most people go to was pretty packed, so we went a few blocks further west to the Yavapai Geology Museum and as expected, we had parking places just waiting for our cars. This area gives a great view down to the bottom of the canyon and the trail people and donkeys take to get their. After an hour or so we headed east on Hwy 64 where I had eight other planned stops for the group to take pictures at different locations along the canyon. Because we were running late I had to cancel several but the three we did stop at gave us some spectacular pictures. The last stop was the very east visitor center and it provided a great view of the river below with it's white water rapids. It also has a visitor tower with circular stairs that was a challenge for anybody that was out of shape!  )) ; 

From there, we were running about an hour late for our lunch engagement at the Ruby Tuesday Restaurant in Flagstaff, so it was time to clean the carbon build up in our engines, enough said!  ((( ;  We headed east on Hwy 64 till we reached Hwy 89 south to Flagstaff, it's actually a beautiful scenic route all the way. As we approached Flagstaff from the north, it's amazing how much snow remains on the north side of the San Francisco Peaks because the sun still doesn't hit it.  When we arrived at the restaurant, a team of waitresses was waiting for us with appetizers and a warm greeting. I think everybody agrees, the service was excellent, the food was delicious and the prices were very reasonable. It was a wonderful way to end the day and everybody commented how they enjoyed themselves, it will be hard to top this driveout! ((( ;

Ed Frias


Grand Canyon Inn

317 S. State Route 64

Valle, AZ 
1-800-635-9203 - Becky

Ruby Tuesday Restaurant
4650 N. Hwy 89 (Flagstaff Mall)
Flagstaff, AZ

928-522-0414 - Dave




Bagdad - Circle Bar Steakhouse Lunch

Bagdad Lunch at The Circle Bar Steakhouse - Completed  2-18-12

Well, we had another spur of the moment driveout to Bagdad again for lunch at the Circle Bar Steakhouse. We met at 9:45am at our usual Costco parking lot and took off at 10am. As usual, the drive out was beautiful, the weather was perfect and we had 13 people, seven Corvettes and a cool Plymouth Prowler joined us. Vic and Kathy Springer  (Prowler owners) from Prescott Valley noticed Velocity Vettes on our last driveout and contacted me to ask if we wouldn't mind them joining us, of course I said no problem!  The food at Circle Bar was wonderful as usual and their specialty flavored ice tea is always my favorite. After a delicious meal and some good conversation, some went straight back to Prescott while a few others couldn't resist to take the longer way home via Hwy 97. Oh yes, this road was made especially for Corvettes and I wish it were twice as long, enough said! ((((( ; 

In our lunch conversation, the group discussed a future driveout and all agreed they'd like to make a day of it at the Grand Canyon come April 7th, details to be posted soon. Overall we had another great driveout and a fun time together, look forward to seeing some of you on our next driveout.
Ed Frias


Circle Bar Steakhouse - Link

 901 N. Lindahl Rd
Bagdad, Az


Roosevelt Lake & Ma's Kitchen

Roosevelt Lake & Ma's Kitchen for lunch -  Completed 11-19-11  


Well, another beautiful driveout to Roosevelt Lake and Ma's Kitchen.  We had 18 people and 10 Corvettes join this time, 3  Corvettes came up from Phoenix and the rest from the tri-city area. The weather was beautiful and we took the scenic route through Camp Verde, up through Strawberry, Pine, Payson and on down Hwy 188 that runs parallel with the 25 miles of Roosevelt Lake's shore.  As usual this was a wonderful driveout and the special BBQ ribs that Mike and Ronda (owners) prepared as the restaurants Saturday only special makes it all worth the drive! They also offer a wide variety of other dishes on the modestly priced menu ($5 to $12).

We met at our normal starting place, Prescott Costco parking lot at 8:15 and left at 8:30am. It took approximately 2 1/2 hours to get there and the scenery was just beautiful as always, the curved roads through the mountains east of Prescott is a Corvette owners dream course. We made one pit stop as we entered Payson and then continued on to Roosevelt Lake. 

As usual, the food was excellent and those that had never visited Ma's Kitchen before loved the BBQ rib special (1/2 rack for $9)! After our meal a few of us devoured two homemade apple pies Ronda served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, umm ummmm! After dessert everybody just disappeared and went their own way while I decided to visit the historic Roosevelt Bridge again. Overall, the driveout was fun, the weather was good and food was delicious as always and makes it worth the drive. I look forward to doing it again next year. Hope to see you all on the next driveout!




Roosevelt Lake  Click


Roosevelt Bridge  Click


Ma's Kitchen

Cholla Drive

Roosevelt, AZ




Bagdad - Circle Bar Steakhouse

Bagdad for lunch at Circle Bar Steakhouse - Completed 1-29-11


Another great driveout to one of our favorite places! We had 17 people and 11 Corvettes show up for this drive and everybody loved it. The weather was nice and sunny and the drive to Bagdad is always a joy. 15 of us met at Albertsons in Prescott and we picked up another couple (Bill & Jacque Kuehl) at Kirkland Junction. Even the group from Phoenix drove up and met us in Prescott so they could take advantage of the entire drive.


We left Prescott at 10am and took the west route through Skull Valley down to Kirkland and turned west on Hwy 96. This route is a Corvette lovers dream, it consist of miles of beautiful Arizona country views and the road has is full of twists, turns and a few wide open straight sections.  It seldom encounters any traffic and is only one of Arizona's many hidden back road enjoyments for all who love to be adventurous.  


We arrive early for our 12 o'clock appointment and the waitresses were ready for us. We were welcomed with the usual guest room set aside for our group. We originally had 23 people signed up for the driveout but several couples canceled at the last minute, this made our seating arrangement even better. The gals had set up a number of tables surrounding the walls of the room that gave all of us plenty of sitting room and also made it easy to talk to one another.  The food was delicious as usual and their lunch special of the day was absolutely awesome, a big plate of fried cod and shrimp served with coleslaw and a choice of several various types of potatoes, also a side choice of soup or salad and all for $7.95!  WOW!    And of course another one of the great specialty items is their variety of fruit flavored ice teas, I love the peach, strawberry and raspberry.  Besides a menu of your normal lunch choices, they also offer a choice of a number of Mexican dishes. Whether people ordered the special of the day or one of the other delicious choices, everybody said the food was great and we want to thank all the staff at the Circle Bar Steakhouse for their great service!


After lunch a few people left and headed directly home, but I suggested that the rest of the group follow me out of town a few miles and take Hwy 97 west. Of course this is the quickest way home for those that came up from Phoenix. A line of about 7 Corvettes cruised-on out of town and within a few miles came to Hwy 97 where we turned and began one of the best parts of the whole driveout.  A few of the Phoenix people had never been on this route and they quickly understood why I prefer to take the long way home.  Hwy 97 is roughly a 5 to 7 mile obstacle course with some of the best curves, twists and dips you'll find anywhere in Arizona, it will test even the best of suspensions!  You could say this is the ultimate test for a Corvette owners driving skills, I could enjoy visiting this Hwy every weekend!  


The day was filled with fun driving, good food and good company, everybody said they looked forward to our next driveout, I do also! Hope to see you all on the next adventure, thanks!


Ed Frias

Pine AZ & the Sidewinders Restaurant

Pine Arizona and the Sidewinders Restaurant - Completed 9-25-10


This month our driveout took us through the mountains east of Prescott to the beautiful town of Pine Arizona and the Sidewinders Restaurant for lunch.  Our group of nine Corvettes and fifteen people met at the Prescott Costco parking lot at 9:30 and headed out shortly before 10am. Our lunch engagement at the Sidewinders was set for 12 noon, we made it with time to spare.  

The weather was absolutely perfect for a Corvette run and the route we took through Camp Verde and east on Hwy 260 is always one of my favorites. The monsoons this year made everything a little greener and the scenery starting at Camp Verde and heading east  was just gorgeous. I'm sure all that were riding shotgun enjoyed some 50 miles of beautiful tree lined mountains, sloping hills and vistas that spread over the entire trip. After leaving the Camp Verde area, there is not a stop sign for 40 miles until you reach Hwy 87 and have to turn right. We who had to drive paid a little more attention to the smooth pavement and the natural road course that laid before us, and it is a road course with Corvette written all over it, just ask Eric Beer! (( ;  If a person comes to Arizona to investigate its beauty, this is one of the routes you want to take them on.  Once we turned onto Hwy 87 south it's only about 10 miles till you reach the little town of Strawberry. Usually there is something happening there on the weekend, but on this day it almost looked like a ghost town except for a few people hanging around the Strawberry lodge/restaurant. Just 3 miles further we entered Pine and it was booming with visitors due to an ongoing street fair they were having.

We arrived at the restaurant and the large parking lot was about 2/3 full, so we lined up most of the vettes along the outer edge and main street side of the lot, of course the cars drew a lot of attention as usual. When we entered the restaurant, the waitresses (Mel & Karry) had a row of tables set up for us with several jugs of ice cold water and plenty of drinking cups, I needed that. (( :  The girls quickly started taking orders (individually) and the wait was a little slow but worth it. Their special of the day was a fresh BBQ rib sandwich with one side order,  it was delicious and I attempted to get seconds but they wouldn't go for it. ( : Others ordered various sandwiches and all agreed the food was good.  As it seems to happen every so often, one couple (Vern & Cathy Luster) didn't get their order till most of us were half way finished with ours, but they enjoyed it when it finally arrived.  Overall the service and food was good and everybody socialized for a good hour and got to know each other a little better. Once we left the restaurant we all decided to walk down the street, visit a few of the street fair vendors and make our way to the home made ice cream store, ummm ummm!  They have a about a dozen flavors and all of them are deeeelicious!  They also have a nice patio in front of the store with large umbrellas and plenty of shaded areas to sit under, so most of us just sat around enjoying our ice cream while chatting for awhile.

The whole driveout turned out to be very enjoyable and everybody is looking forward to our next one. When we vacated, some of the valley people took Hwy 87 south and the rest of us headed back the same way we came. Vern and Cathy Luster decided to head north and invited me to accompany them to an event that was happening up in Winslow (about 90 miles north), but I had to pass because of some things I needed to keep care of, I'm sure that must have been another nice drive on that beautiful day!

Look forward to seeing many of you on the next driveout!


Ed Frias






Historic Route 66 Museum & Mohave Museum of History & Arts

Route 66 Museum & Mohave Museum - Completed 8-28-10


Well, we completed another beautiful driveout to Kingman AZ this month, visiting two more historical museums for the price of one. We originally had a larger group signed up for this driveout but in the last week several had to cancel, they really missed out on a beautiful driveout. 10 people and five Corvettes met at Costco in Prescott at 8:30am and we all departed a little before 9am. Another couple joined us on Hwy 89 as we passed by the airport.This year the monsoons dropped enough rain to make everything greener and the drive was just beautiful all the way there and back. I 40 is so much more beautiful than the I 10 further south.


We arrived at our 11:30 reservation in good time, even with a 15 minute pit stop at Seligman. We drove straight to Mr. D'z Route 66 Diner on Andy Divine Ave for lunch before visiting the museums.  We were also joined for lunch by some friends of Lou & Warran Brown who live in Kingman. The prices were very reasonable and everybody agreed the food was good, we all enjoyed the company with one another for an hour and a half. After lunch we just walked across the street to the first museum of the day. The Route 66 Museum has several areas of historic artifacts and art separated between two floors (upper and lower). They have some great relics from Arizona's history and of the area, open the link below to read more. After we spent some time looking at all the displays, we went downstairs to their theater to watch a 20 minute movie on the history of Route 66 and how a few individuals fought to preserved it after the major Interstates were built.


From there we headed down the street (about a block south) to our second museum, the Mohave Museum of History & Arts. It was spread out on one large floor (with several partitions) but was loaded with tons of wonderful displays from Arizona's past, I really enjoyed it. It also had some outside displays to include a copy of an early store, post office, bank and a number of antique machines. Link also below.


After we were finished, a few of us decided to take that famous old Route 66 Hwy back home and I'm glad we did. We headed north on Andy Divine Ave out of Kingman and passed a number of little quaint towns along the road, driving through the mountains with all the scenic views was just wonderful and it again reminded me of why I moved to Arizona in 2003.  At the end of Route 66 we made one last stop in Seligman and to our favorite pit stop for a tasty ice cream cone and cold drink. ((( :


Hope to have our September Driveout posted soon!



Ed Frias


 Mr.s D'z Rt 66 Diner




Planes of Fame Air Museum

Planes of Fame Air Museum -  Completed 5/22/10


Planes of Fame Museum Click


Grand Canyon Inn Restaurant Click



Roosevelt Lake Drivout

Roosevelt Lake & Ma's Kitchen Driveout - Completed 4/24/10

Well, we had another beautiful driveout down to Roosevelt Lake and Ma's Kitchen for lunch! The weather was beautiful, the scenery fantastic and as usual the Saturday lunch special (BBQ ribs) was loved by all.  15 people and 9 Corvettes joined in the driveout, half met at Costco in Prescott and the rest met us at various places along the route down to the lake.  What's amazing about the lake and other such attractions in Arizona in general, is how open and uncrowded these beautiful places are. Living in California for most of my life, seldom could I visit places like this without seeing thousands of people, tons of cars and congestion galore. Living in AZ for over 6 years, I'm still awed at being able to visit beautiful lakes, mountain resorts and historical museums without the congestion associated with large metropolitan areas, it's such a pleasure to see so much of God's creation without zillions of ants everywhere! 

Because we planned the drive a little later this year, we were able to take the inland route all the way down to the lake without worrying about snow. From Prescott we headed east through Camp Verde, Strawberry, Pine, Payson and south to the lake. I just can't express how wonderful it is to own a Corvette and be able to drive 150 miles through beautiful mountain roads lined with unique small towns the entire route. It reminds me of why I loved watching the journey's of Martin Milner and George Maharis in the 1960's weekly TV show - Route 66. Sometime in the future it would be great to take this route and make pit stops at every little town just to walk through the shops and pick up some unique things at each one.

As we came upon the lake one can't help to notice the awesomeness of this large body of water with the backdrop of mountains, it is breathtaking. The lake spans 22 to 30 miles long depending on the rainfall over the previous years.  The water was crystal blue with just a few boats and skiers enjoying themselves. When we arrived at the restaurant, Rhonda (the owner) opened the privately gated yard for Velocity Vettes parking. As we entered the restaurant we noticed Rhonda had set up a long table just for our group and was quick to meet our every need.  I made my way directly to the kitchen area to say hi and thank Mike (also owner) who cooks all the delicious BBQ ribs ahead of time, he was ready to start feeding the hungry lions.  Never disappointing, everybody loved the ribs, the great service and the good conversation around the table. A couple of people ordered other dishes off the menu and commented how good they were as well. Overall, everybody loved the food, the driveout and the good company.  I'm sure we'll plan another driveout to Roosevelt Lake in the future, it's always been one of our favorites. Look forward to seeing you all on our next excursion (May 22nd). 



Ed Frias


Roosevelt Lake  Click

Roosevelt Bridge  Click


Ma's Kitchen

Cholla Drive

Roosevelt, AZ



Map Click







Tortilla Flat Driveout

Tortilla Flat Restaurant & Superstition Mountain Museum - Completed 3/27/10

Several Corvettes met at the Prescott Costco parking lot at 8:45, we left promptly at 9:10 and all drove down through Phoenix where we met several others at the 101 loop and Hwy 51 around 10:30am.  Several people needed to make a pit stop there which took another 25 minutes and put us behind schedule to meet the rest of the group further down the road at Apache Junction. We reached Hwy 60 and headed east until we came to Idaho Rd and took it north for a couple of miles. We then turned onto North Apache Junction Trail for our final stretch to Tortilla Flat Restaurant. As we passed by the last group of vettes waiting in a vacant parking lot along the route they started their engines and eventually caught up with us, although it was hard to do any passing over the double yellow two lane road. The last 10 to 15 miles of Apache Junction Road was a two lane zigzag highway going through miles of beautiful scenery, especially passing by Superstition Mountain and Canyon Lake. See links below.


We finally arrived at the restaurant about 35 minutes late, fortunately there were enough parking places in the dirt parking lot north of the restaurant for all of us to park but the little town was jammed with people. We had lost our reserved seating in the restaurant but everybody was eventually able to find seating although scattered around various tables in the patio. The food (choice of hamburgers or sloppy joe chicken sandwiches, fries and a drink) had mixed reviews depending on who you asked, but I thought the chicken sandwich was tasty, $10.75 wasn't bad when you consider the atmosphere and live band entertainment. The band leader not only sang and played a guitar but was also a comedian who kept most of the crowd laughing. The little town was made up of old wooden buildings that looked like they had been around since cowboys ruled the west. It had stores and saloons and after eating everybody seemed to disappear into the various places. I eventually lined up some vettes on the main road in front of the town waiting for all the group to join up and head to the museum, it appeared some wanted to stay at the town so a group of maybe 10 to 12 cars headed out!


As we arrived at the museum which sits on 12 acres and paid our discounted $3 entrance fee, we were greeted by our host and docent Larry Hedrick who gave us a very interesting tour and a thorough history of the area, the people, the equipment and the gold minds that most worked for. The museum has acquired quite a bit of historical artifacts and continues to accumulate more exhibitions from either donors or purchases. Throughout the twentieth century many Hollywood movies were filmed at the site and there is a large barn with pictures of many of the famous movie stars that partook. To read more details on all the various things the museum exhibits, go to the link below.


Even though our driveout ended up running late and our restaurant reservation was lost, the beauty of the scenery and the museum education made it another successful driveout! Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures which I'm having trouble attaining at the moment. Hope to see you all on our next driveout!



Ed Frias


Canyon Lake link: click

Tortilla Flat Link: click

Superstition Mountain Museum: click










ACE Gila Bend BBQ

ACE Gila Bend BBQ - Completed! 2/27/10

After all the bad weather reports, Saturday morning arrived with just some overcast clouds in Prescott and no rain, thank you Lord!  4 cars and 7 people from our scheduled group of 22 met at the Prescott Costco parking lot at 7:20am and left as scheduled at 7:45 sharp. Oh yes and I almost forgot, my toy poodle (Pinki) partook of her first driveout with Velocity Vettes (you can just see her little face above my mirror in the first picture below).   Our small caravan of cars headed down to the west end of Phoenix (Goodyear) where we met up with one of three ACE groups, there was roughly 25 to 30 cars in this group and it alone drew a crowd of onlookers in the mall parking lot where we met. There were lots of cool looking vettes including Cherye Jechura's hot looking C5 (wicked fast vette), Cherye who is an ACE member also sign up on Velocity Vettes over a year ago but hasn't had a chance to join one of our driveouts yet. At 9:45 the group left the mall and traveled west on I 10 then turned south on Hwy 85  (exit 112) to Gila Bend. At just about half way down to Gila Bend one ACE member's supercharged Z06 Corvette threw a charger belt and had to pull off the road, the long chain of following vettes also pulled over and the event turned into another roadside Corvette show.  Everybody hung out until help arrived and then continued on to the BBQ.

Arriving at the park in Gila Bend was a site to behold, it looked like a national Corvette convention with just about every color, style and series Corvette you could imagine!  No doubt this event drew a lot of the locals to see their favorite Corvettes infiltrate their little town, there were also quite a few vettes I recognized from the Annual Historic Prescott Corvette Show. Here we met the rest of our Velocity Vettes group that came from other parts of Phoenix, Casa Grande and Tucson.  It was estimated that there were about 75 to 80 vettes in all but a precise count is still not in? I made a mistake in the Future Driveouts page stating there would be around 200 Corvettes, what I meant to say was around 200 people, I'm sure it was between 150 and 200 people all together.

 Our (Velocity Vettes) first point on the agenda was to meet and introduce ourselves to Dwayne (ACE Administrator) and his wife Jammye who planned, prepared and executed this whole event. They prepared 80 pounds of delicious BBQ roast beef in two gigantic pans along with a third pan of yummy baked beans, it' was the best Sloppy Joes I've had in a long time! There was also a table full of desserts ranging from some kind of "out of this world cakes", various pies, tons of cookies and other dainties that other ACE members brought.  Velocity Vettes want to thank all the ACE members that contributed to the BBQ, it was truly a memorable event!  All the people stood in an orderly line to fill their plates with all the delicious food available, then sat in the nice covered eating area provided by the park. Dwayne made a little speech and thanked everybody for making this 8th annual ACE Gila Bend BBQ a success.  After devouring the first helping, I went back to see if there was enough for seconds and to my amazement there was still more than one of those gigantic pans full of BBQ beef left, these people know how to accommodate hungry people!  By the time everybody had eaten seconds or even thirds and were filled to their content, Jammye was loading up her van with enough left-overs to supply another picnic!

To finish off the event, ACE had one of its members Marc Victor (who is a criminal defense attorney) speak to the whole group about what to do and say when pulled over by the police for various reasons when driving on the road. It was very informative and he gave some good tips about the law that few people know. Afterward I spoke to him and he offered to speak to our group in one of our future  driveouts, I plan to take him up on his offer. 

Overall the ACE Gila Bend BBQ was a wonderful experience and I'm glad many of our Velocity Vettes people were able to partake, Dwayne and Jammye just did a marvelous job and the whole ACE group were a great bunch of Corvette enthusiast to hang around with!  I look forward to having more joint events with them.  Thank you (ACE) Arizona Corvette Enthusiasts!   
Ed Frias

 Velocity Vettes

  Additional picture taken by ACE members - Click

More ACE pictures - Click






Wickenburg - Desert Caballeros Western Museum

Wickenburg - Desert Caballeros Western Museum -  Completed!  1/30/10

The weather co-operated and 9 people and 5 Corvettes met as scheduled at Albertson's parking lot on a cool but sunny Saturday morning! We were joined by our newest sign-ups, Oce & Lorna Dotson from Prescott and Sandie Lawson from Camp Verde.  We departed at 9:30am sharp and headed down our favorite White Spar Road to Wickenburg. When we arrived at the museum we were met by one more couple Rod & CC Holt in their red convertible C5. It had a new sharp looking silver hardtop installed that Rod had found on the Internet, it was the first time I had seen one in person and I really liked it. 


As we began our 1 1/2 hour tour at 11am, we were cordially met by a gentleman docent (Fred Zimmer) who was dressed in authentic western clothing.  Fred was extremely knowledgeable in all areas of Arizona's history and answered many questions we all had. Described as a brand of museum like no other, the Desert Caballeros Western Museum is Arizona's only museum dedicated to both the art and history of the desert southwest. Unlike other museums which only focus on art, this one also features both permanent and changing exhibits that reflect the diverse cultures which have shaped the character of our Southwest. The museum is huge and has two floors of exhibits. The upper and lower floors were set up as a diorama of exhibits. Shown were samples of works by American Indians including the Anasazi, Pueblo, Hopi, Navajo and a few others.  Both levels were dedicated to history with scenes and exhibits depicting early Wickenburg-circa 1905 and life in the desert on a small family ranch. Some of the exhibits included early 1900 dress attire, living facilities, the local town store and a post office, all were displayed using authentic artifacts donated to the museum. It was wonderfully displayed, beautifully arranged and well worth the trip. It would be enjoyed by anyone and highly recommended.


Few people know that Prescott and Wickenburg have a rich and enormous history that surpasses most cities in the US. We all learned a great deal and it was a great experience visiting the history of our area!


After the tour ended we were met by another Velocity Vettes couple (Eric & Susan Beer) outside the museum. They joined us as we drove over for our lunch engagement at the Sizzling Wok Chinese Restaurant a few blocks west of the museum. We all ordered off the lunch menu ($7.90 special on Saturday) and enjoyed a delicious lunch. The food and service was good and Mae (the owner) had her own unique style of comical sarcasm, she was sweet! 


Unfortunately, Sandie Lawson lost a beautiful pendant her husbands had recently given her for Christmas. She wasn't sure where it fell off at, so some of us roamed the museum floors and the museum parking lot with no success.  After lunch a few of us went back to a roadside stop on Hwy 93 where we had pulled off earlier to wait for others that got caught at the traffic light.  While waiting, Sandie had gotten out of her car to check her tires and thought she possibly could have lost the pendant there, no success again!  It was a bitter sweet driveout for Sandie and we hope somebody finds it at the museum and hopefully returns it. 

Update:  Sandie found her pendant at the roadside, thank you Lord!


Overall the driveout was another great experience for Velocity vettes and the small group that joined us this month! Hope to see more of you on the next driveout.


Ed Frias

Velocity Vettes


Special thanks to Oce & Lorna Dotson for their assistance in this review!


Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg - 928-684-2272 (Marilu)

Sizzling Wok Chinese restaurant - 928-684-3977 (Mae)




Jerome - Haunted Hamburger Driveout

Jerome - Haunted Hamburger – Completed!  12/5/09

It was a crispy cold day for everyone to meet at Costco at 9:15am!  The skies were mostly cloudy and it is definitely now WINTER!!!  Fortunately, it was a calm day with no wind.  Our group of 21 cars (including Elias Castellanos Orange Porsche GT3 RS) headed out down Hwy 69, making a left onto Glassford Hill Rd.  Steve DeLano mentioned to the group before departing from Costco to be VERY careful on Glassford Hill Rd… because the radar camera’s are deadly when it comes to going through yellow lights.  Surprise!!!  Steve got flashed because he didn’t have a chance to stop when the light turned yellow just as we were entering the intersection.  Not very fair… but I believe a ticket will be forthcoming shortly!!!

Once we reached Hwy 89A, we headed over Mingus Mountain to Jerome.  89A is a great twisty road to drive, no matter what vehicle you are in!  The views are awesome… along with the curves!  We had a long line of cars with only one car in between all of us… A jeep of all things in the middle of our Corvette line!!!  

We arrived in Jerome a few minutes earlier than expected because of no traffic on the road and all parked in the huge new paved parking lot behind the fire station.  Jerome’s City shuttle with the volunteer driver was there in the parking lot waiting for us when we arrived.  The driver made a special effort to be there before his starting time just to serve our group.  He had several takers and the rest of the group walked the 10 minutes it took to get to the Haunted Hamburger restaurant.  Lorraine and Ed Elfenbein led the group of walkers and knew exactly where to go since they are repeat customers!

We were met there by Dave Wicks and his friend Doug who came up I-17 from the Valley.  They decided to bypass going to Prescott to meet us, so just went directly to Jerome.  This made a total of 22 cars for our group.  We did have a group of 5 other Corvettes from the Valley who didn’t want to miss the great driving road to Jerome and did meet us at Costco to drive with the rest of the group. 

As everybody made their way to the Haunted Hamburger, Manager Brett and his extra staff already had everything set up for our group of 41 people.  Half the group went upstairs which seated 24, and the rest of the group were seated downstairs.  The views were AWESOME… as well as the food!   Once the food was ordered, our delicious meals came out amazingly fast… it seemed like only 5 minutes before the first burger arrived!  Rave reviews followed on the Ghostly Burger, Haunted Burger, Bacon Cheese Burger, Chicken Breast Sandwich, Quesadillas… as well as the Ribs!  They have a Burger bar set up so you can help yourself to any condiments… as much you would like to add to your burger.  Lots of Burgers were built pretty high!!!   The twice baked potatoes were  excellent as well!!!  Many ordered the potatoes instead of the fries… what a treat!  Brett and his staff were amazing and we will definitely be heading back there some time in the near future.  Everybody enjoyed their meals and everyone had happy faces as they were returning to their cars! 

Brett made sure the shuttle was there to take anyone back to the parking lot that didn’t want to walk.  There were lots of tips in the “Tip Jar” in the shuttle so we know everyone appreciated this nice service.

It was a busy day for Jerome with the lighting of town with all the Christmas lights and also there was an Art Walk for all of the Art Galleries. 

After enjoying lunch… everyone did their own thing from doing a little shopping, checking out the Art Galleries and gift shops, seeing the “Christmas lighting” in the city park or just heading towards home.

It was a great day even though it was a cold one!!!

See you on the road,

Ed Frias

Velocity Vettes

Haunted Hamburger Menu












































































Oatman Driveout

Oatman Driveout – Completed!   11/7/09

Part of our group met at Prescott Wal-Mart at 7:30 on Saturday morning.  We had 17 Corvettes ready to roll…  We headed out at 8am heading down Prescott Lakes Parkway and turning right onto Hwy 89, heading north.  We arrived in Chino Valley and pulled into the Safeway parking lot to pick up 4 more cars, including Cal and Patti’s SSR.  Also waiting was Gene, co-pilot for one vehicle.  Our group pulled out of Safeway continuing to head north where we intersected with I-40.  There we picked up Margo and Dennis and the newest addition to Velocity Vettes… Jim and Rosel in their 2 day old Velocity Yellow ZR1!!!  Beautiful car…!  

After we reached I-40 we headed west and picked up the Phoenix group of 4 Corvettes waiting for us at I-40 and Hwy 93.  They all met in Wickenberg and drove over on Hwy 93 to meet up with us.  A few miles further we also picked up John and Suzanne waiting patiently for us to drive by with our long line of Corvettes and of course the SSR.  We numbered 28 Corvettes...  oops and the SSR, but it DOES have a Corvette engine!  We continued on I-40 to the Oatman Rd exit, which is actually Old Route 66.  It is pretty straight for several miles;  what a beautiful drive to Oatman from this point on.  Lots of twists and turns and beautiful scenery.  The road narrows for about 8 miles prior to Oatman and the views are absolutely amazing!  Everyone should drive this just once in their lives!!!  

Once arriving into the town of Oatman around 11am, everyone found parking spots and we all met up at the Oatman Hotel for our lunch.  What an interesting interior they have created over the years.  Dollar bills hanging EVERYWHERE from the walls and ceiling.  We had a great lunch served by C.J. and her staff.  The Pulled Pork Sandwich’s were by far the most popular!  We pretty much filled up the restaurant with our 55 people.  It was so nice of the Oatman Hotel to have entertainment for us!  The star of the Dad, Mom and daughter trio was the little girl of about 8, with a great voice!

The Oatman Hotel is the spot where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their honeymoon after being married in Kingman.  Their private getaway was the Oatman Hotel with its solitude and peacefulness.  Clark was known to spend many a night playing poker with the miners in his day. This is no private getaway any longer!  Lots of activity abounds!!!  

After lunch, everyone walked around town which is known for the wild burros. They live in the surrounding Black Hills and are left over from the miners and their “strike it rich” days in the late 1800’s.  The burros meander all over town and even poke their heads into doorways to see what is happening on the inside.  Burros seem very tame and follow the tourists all over town, especially when you feed them carrots!  They also like to nuzzle you thinking there is food in your pockets.  At night, they head back to the hills to sleep.  In the morning they are back in town to do it all over again.

Our group was witness to a Gun Fight right in the center of town, stopping all traffic.  A little while later we all got to watch and listen in on a wedding performed by an authentic preacher in a top hat and tails!  Once again the traffic was stopped while this 15 minute ceremony was performed.  Not a problem because the traffic through town is stopped every few minutes for the burros that seem to own the town.

Before we left, we ran into several of the Sin City Vette Club members and also the Area 51 Corvette Club who had a Driveout to Oatman.  This town was so full of Corvettes it was amazing.  There were also other classic cars and motorcycle Clubs there at the same time we were there.  It was a VERY busy place!  Everyone headed their separate ways back home.  Several Corvettes headed the short distance to Laughlin, Nevada to spend a night or two before returning home.  Steve and I stayed at the Aquarius in Laughlin on Saturday and Sunday nights, returning home on Monday evening.  Our 38th anniversary was Friday, so we thought we would make a weekend of it in Laughlin… 

It was a GREAT Driveout with awesome weather... close to 80* and no wind!  Everyone enjoyed this perfect day!

See you on the road,

Ed Frias

Velocity Vettes


Lyn’s slide show  (click) for additional photos... too many to post below!  

Mike Peterson’s slide show (click) for additional photos with lots of Corvettes!




























































Mayer Driveout

Mayer Driveout - Completed!   9/12/09

We had 15 Corvettes show up at Costco in Prescott at 11am on this beautiful sunny Saturday morning.  We met here for our drive down to Mayer and to go to lunch at Chuckwagon Steakhouse and Grill.  As we headed south on Hwy 69 we picked up one more Corvette, with Pat and Joanne Dwyer waiting for us in Dewey.  We had Craig and Laura Kerezman from Phoenix and Dave and Selma Wicks from Casa Grande come up to meet up with us at Costco for the drive (back down for them) to Mayer.  Instead of just stopping in Mayer, they thought it would be more fun to drive up to Prescott to meet us and all drive to Mayer together. 

I (Lyn) made a discovery on this trip!  Steve was unable to make it today so I was driving myself, which normally would not be a problem.  I learned to multitask very quickly with driving (a manual), talking on the phone to Ed (at the head of the line to make sure everyone was together), then Karen at the restaurant to let her know we were on our way, then being photographer taking photos along the way!  Oh yeah, and remembering to shift gears…!  I did it all without rear ending Mike and Patti…!  So, now I have decided that Steve can get his own Corvette and let me drive mine!  I usually let him do the driving and take care of business while heading to our destination on our Driveouts.  Sorry Stevie Boy… you better find your own corvette now!!! 

Well, we arrived in Mayer a little after noon, Corvettes being all of the traffic parading through that little town!  We pulled onto the street in front of Chuckwagon Steakhouse and Grill taking up both sides of the street.  Karen, who owns this restaurant, had one end of the street blocked off with her Number "03" Dale Earnhardt Signature Series Monte Carlo SS, and the other end was roped off so there would be no thru traffic to interrupt our little Car Show.

Karen had everything set up for all 29 of us as we walked in to find our seating in her restaurant.  She closed it to the public and reserved it for our group only… not that anyone else could find a seat for eating!  As we took over the entire place, it got quite lively with all of the chit chatting going on.  Karen and her staff took our orders and it wasn’t long before the food was coming out.  Everything they cook is done on BBQ grills outside in the back of the kitchen… and this kitchen is VERY small, but they pump out a lot of food in no time!  Many good comments on how great the food was, from BBQ’ed Ribs, Salmon, Steaks, Burgers, Chicken sandwiches, etc.  And the prices were SO reasonable!  The Phoenix Corvettes said they would definitely make the trip back up just to eat there again! 

About a half hour after we were inside… Ed announced that the rain clouds were moving in!!!  The Corvette owners that had Verts were getting mighty nervous when the sun disappeared.  When everyone had finished their lunch, the Vert owners were the first to head through the door around 1:30pm, like someone had announced “FIRE” in a crowded building!!!  Nary a drop found its way onto our fiberglass wonders on the trip home…  It was just not meant to be!  The only messy Vette was the Kosch's!  They hit a swarm of BIG bugs that covered their front end and windshield.  Hmmmm... how come nobody else hit any bugs???  And they were in the middle of the pack!  Don't forget to take those wheels off when you wash the car, Steve!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for this short Driveout.  It turned out to be another great day!

See you on the road,

Ed Frias

Velocity Vettes

Chuckwagon Steakhouse and Grill – 928-460-0763 - 12751 Main St, Mayer, Az




































































Riordan Mansion Driveout

Riordan Mansion Driveout - Completed!  8/22/09

Our group of 13 Corvettes met at Costco on a warm and partly cloudy day. We left at 8am and headed south on Hwy 69.  At Hwy 169, we headed north to I-17 where we picked up two Corvettes waiting for us from the Valley.  With a line of 15 Corvettes we were able to all stay in a line together all the way to Flagstaff.  Once we entered downtown Flagstaff, we made a right turn onto Riordan Road and headed to Riordan Mansion State Park.


For the tour our group was split into two groups of 15 each.  While one group toured the upstairs, the other group toured the downstairs… then our groups reversed floors to be toured.  What an incredible and fascinating “house” this is!   It is actually a duplex built in 1904 and lived in by the two families of brothers Timothy and Michael Riordan, who incidentally married two sisters.  Each side of the duplex is 6,000 sq ft with a common 1,000 sq ft central room, totaling 13,000 sq ft of living space.  The architect for the Riordan’s was Charles Whittlesey, also the architect for the El Tovar Hotel at the Grand Canyon.  This Mansion was THE place to live in those days!  They had hot and cold pressurized running water, a hot water heater, indoor bathroom (no outhouse!) and electricity.  All of the original light fixtures are still in use as is the furniture made with Northern Arizona Pine. You can also view the original wallpaper, stained glass windows and beautiful hardwood floors, as well as historic photographic negatives applied to clear glass windows in the Central room.  These photos were taken by the personal photographer of John Wesley Powell, who was a personal friend of the Riordan brothers.  It is interesting to see the two different styles on each side of the residences, obviously the tastes of the brother’s wives differed.  The hardwood floors were put to good use by Tim’s daughters with their roller skates (still viewed in one of the bedrooms).  This was the only place to roller skate because there were no sidewalks in Flagstaff in the early 1900’s.  They also enjoyed their own golf course and clay tennis courts on their 54 acres.  You will notice original golf clubs and tennis racquets in several bedrooms. 


The Riordan brothers were a prominent Arizona family who played a significant role in the development of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona and were involved in lumber, railroads, cattle, banking, and politics. The Riordan’s were also instrumental in the founding of the Northern Arizona University, which is just next to the Mansion itself.


After our tour, just outside on the grounds, we were entertained by the “Rough Riders” Civil War soldiers and the display of their equipment, tools, tents and firearms from the 1800’s. It is interesting to see the lifestyle of the soldiers then.  George Klimas was REALLY facinated with those Guns! 


When we were finished with Riordan Mansion, most of us headed over to Sizzler, only a 5 minute drive, for our lunch.  Everyone chose the Salad Bar with the exception of Phil Murray and George Klimas.  They ordered Steaks to go with ALL THAT FOOD from the Appetizer, Taco, Potato, Salad, and Dessert Bars…!  How did they eat all of it?  


For our large group we had only one server, Sierra, who kept up with everyone  bringing their drinks and removing our plates before we returned back to our tables with another full plate of food.  Sierra was awesome and did a great job serving all of us.


Everyone went their separate ways home.  We don't have the heart to call Steve and Kathy Kosch to see if they encountered the 10 minutes of thunderstorms with rain that most of us did...!!!  If he did, those wheels will be coming off his Corvette for a through inside barrel cleaning!


We all had a very interesting day and a good time!


See you on the road,


Ed Frias

Velocity Vettes


Riordan Mansion








































































Walnut Canyon Driveout

Walnut Canyon Driveout – Completed!  7/18/09


It was an early morning start for ALL of us!  The Prescott group of 11 Corvettes met at Costco at 7am.  We left so early that… Craig Wolfson arrived still dragging his IV from the coffee pot!  Bill Terry was able to make it all by himself without K.T. to get him up and going!  We did a “crumb” check on Steve and Kathy Kosch’s Corvette from those huge donuts they ate IN THE CORVETTE…  he will be hosing the interior out along with taking those wheels off when he washes his car. 


There were 4 Corvettes from the Valley… Butch Montgomery was up and ready to roll at 1:30am!!!  Nice of him to let Julie sleep in until 5:30, since they were coming from Casa Grande.  Tom Pfeifer used his internal alarm clock to wake up since his alarm clock was actually set for 5:30… PM!!!  Does daughter Liz, who was Tom's co-pilot, have the same instincts??? 


We all left Costco at 7:15am and headed East on Hwy 69, taking Hwy 169 to I-17 North where the 4 Valley Corvettes were waiting for us to pass by.  They filed into line as planned.  It was amazing at how much traffic there was on I-17 at that time of morning.  We did pretty well all staying together as a group with 15 Corvettes.  There was one weird white Honda Accord driver that thought he could merge into the fast lane in between Corvette drivers Tom Pfeifer and Lyn DeLano with about a 5 foot gap between our Corvettes!!!  This guy was a maniac and finally decided to blow on ahead in the slow lane to merge into the fast lane further ahead.  


We then took I-40 East for about 7 miles towards Walnut Canyon and took Exit 204 to Walnut Canyon Rd.  We headed into the park.  With limited parking in their lot, we managed to get all of our Corvettes into the parking area pretty much filling it up.  This was a “free” day for National Parks so we entered free of charge.  Once we were out of our cars, everyone hit the needed potty stop and then scattered like Quail.  Every one did their own thing and hiked the trails they wanted, also viewing that great air conditioned Interpretive Center.


What a fascinating area Walnut Canyon is!  Walking down the trails you can see that the dwellings are sheltered by overhanging cliffs.  These cliff dwellings were built between 1125 and 1250 and were occupied for 100 years by the Sinagua people.  Archeologists believe that these dwellings were built by the women who also carried up the water from the bottom of the canyon.  Pam Gibson mentioned that she would have been burned at the stake in those days, because that would have never have happend... she would have made Dave do it!!!    To build walls, they gathered limestone rocks and cemented them together with clay.  Wooden beams were used to reinforce doorways.  They also plastered the walls with clay, inside and out.  Must have been very livable in those days...


Everyone decided that they had enough of hiking and heat… it was 92* in Flagstaff… we met up at 10:30am.  We all got back on I-40 heading West to Exit 198.  The Country Host restaurant was ready for our group!  They set us up in a different room because of an unplanned A/C problem!  We were sure glad to be in that room rather than the regular restaurant, which was really HOT!  We arrived at 11:10 and our 29 people were being served at 11:45.  Some had breakfast and some had lunch.  You had a choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner including specials.  We all had great service and our three young ladies that were our servers were awesome!  Everyone enjoyed the great food that was offered and we sure didn’t go away hungry!  The prices were unbeatable too!


After our breakfast/lunch everyone decided to go their separate ways.  Several of us headed South taking 89A through Sedona and up over Jerome.  Traffic was very light going down Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona and many people were enjoying the water on this sweltering day.  As we drove through Cottonwood to head up to Jerome our car temp read 110*!!!  Yikes that sounds like Valley temperatures…!  Everyone had a great time and we made it without any thunderstorms or rain!  Hope everyone enjoyed themselves and had a good time.


See you on the road!


Ed Frias


Velocity Vettes


Walnut Canyon


Country Host Restaurant 2285 Butler Ave, Flagstaff




















































Tuzigoot National Monument Driveout

Tuzigoot N. M. Driveout – Completed!  6/20/09

Wow… Did we have a great day today!  We all met at Prescott Costco at 8:30am.  We were joined by 10 Corvettes, led by Larry Dahl, from the Fast Glass Corvette Club in Phoenix and 1 new couple that just joined Velocity Vettes last month... Craig and Laura Kerezman from Glendale. The Valley people had to leave at 6:45am to meet up with us at Costco for our departing time of 9am.  A surprise for everyone was that Sean and Cynthia Thompson brought their brand new “baby”… a one week old beautiful Black ZR1!!!!!!!  Everyone took lots of time checking THIS Corvette out!  It is a beautiful ride!  Funny thing… Sean said this is the first manual he has had so he is a little iffy on the hills!    For some reason nobody wanted to drive behind him!!!    We were also joined by Ruben who was taking a break from his duties serving in the US Marine Corp in Tucson to drive his 2009 Limited Edition Mitsubishi Lancer EVO Twin Turbo All Wheel Drive.  No problem for him to keep up with the Corvettes!

Everyone headed out at 9am heading east on Hwy 69 and making a left on Glassford Hill.  All drivers were cautioned to drive the speed limit on Glassford… major Photo Radar on that road!  We were all good and headed to Jerome on Hwy 89A.  As we passed by the Yavapai Fairgrounds, Pat and Joanne Dwyer were waiting for us and joined into the line making us 26 cars and 48 people.  When you are at the end of the line, it makes for a perfect Corvette line of cars twisting and turning up those really tight turns going into Jerome.  

We arrived at Tuzigoot National Monument in Clarkdale a little after 10am where our entry fee was “free”.  We were met by a very informative Park Ranger who gave us a demo of how Yucca is used to make ropes.  These plants were used in the everyday lives of the Sinagua Indians who lived in this area between 1125 and 1400.  The original pueblo was two stories high and had 110 rooms.  This is an unusual village because it had few exterior doors.  Entry was made by way of ladders through the openings in the roofs.  This village started with about 50 people.  Then in the 1200’s the population doubled and then doubled again as refugee farmers, fleeing drought in the outlying areas, settled here. 

The Interpretive Center has many interesting artifacts to view.  You can really get an idea of how these people lived and survived in this area.  They cleared a large area looking north to plant corn, beans, cotton, etc.  To the south, you will see the Verde River.  This seemed to be a perfect place to live.  There is a beautiful 360* view from the top of the ruins.  A family living here 1000 years ago might view this landscape as an area with limitless boundaries and resources, supplying all their needs.  Life was good for many generations.  No one knows why the Sinagua abandoned their pueblos by the early 1400s.  Possible explanations include over population, depletion of natural resources, disease, weather patterns… it is anyone’s guess.

After touring the Ruins, we all met back at our Corvettes where we took over the entire lower parking lot with our 26 cars.  Lots of photo ops before heading out to Su Casa for lunch.  When we arrived, Teresa, the manager, had our room all set up and the buffet was ready to be enjoyed by everyone.  We had much more food than we could have imagined…  Tamales, Chili Rellenos, Enchiladas, Albondigas soup, rice, beans, Taco bar!  Boy were we full walking out of that restaurant!!!  The food was excellent along with the service by the staff.  Teresa did an excellent job of taking care of all details.

By 12:30 everyone was free to head their own homeward bound direction from Su Casa.  I think everyone enjoyed their day and the best part is that we didn’t have any rain!  A few sprinkles at Tuzigoot for about 5 minutes but that was all!    Thanks to everyone who joined us for this run!

See you on the road,

Ed Frais

Velocity Vettes

Map  Costco to Tuzigoot Driveout

Tuzigoot National Monument 100 Main St, Clarkdale, Az.

Su Casa Mexican Restaurant 1000 Main St, Clarkdale, Az - 928-634-2771




































































Devil's Highway Driveout

Devil’s Highway Driveout – Completed! 6/12-14, 2009

Written by Julie and Butch Montgomery

We started Friday morning at 5:15am with a dead Corvette battery after leaving the accessory button on!  After a jump, we were on the way to meet the rest of the group coming from all over the Phoenix area. We were 7 Corvettes and 1 Viper. 

On Hwy 60 to Globe we made a pit stop at a McDonald’s.  When we pulled in we saw almost 20 Porsche’s in the parking lot.  After talking with them, they were also heading to Alpine, staying overnight and doing Devil’s Highway on Saturday.  After we left Globe, we saw a small forest fire in the woods.  We drove through Salt River Canyon, which is very scenic, and headed towards Show Low for another pit stop.  We saw the Prescott group drive by, so Melanie got in touch with them.  Now we were all together with 12 corvettes and 1 Viper... 28 people for our trip.  We all traveled to Pinetop for lunch at Mama Bear’s Restaurant where the group ate last time.  We again had our private “Glass Room” all to ourselves. The food and service was very good with our large crowd.  After lunch, we got back onto the road for a gas stop in Eager. We made another stop in Alpine at a Lollipop shop for fudge and taffy before arriving at Hannagan Meadow Lodge.

We arrived at Hannagan Meadow Lodge in the late afternoon.  Some couldn’t wait until Saturday to check out Devil’s Highway, so they took a short trip while everyone else got settled into their cabins or rooms.

Wild Bill (Manager) was our chef for the evening.  We had grilled steaks and chicken as the main course.  Bill also fixed Dutch potatoes outside.  Inside the dining room we had Cowboy beans, biscuits & salad.  Nevin (guitar player and singer), Leah (guitar, fiddle and singer) and Clark (guitar and singer) entertained us while we ate. They are all wait staff also. In the evening they had some audience participation.  Malcolm Johnson played bongos on stage to the tune of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.  Several songs later, Malcolm Dickey got up on stage and helped sing “Elvira”.  It was a "Malcolm night" at Hannagan Meadow Lodge!  After it got dark we really got a treat when the entertainers sang “Ghost rider in the Night” and we saw an actual Ghost rider show up outside the window.  The Ghost rider did come inside the Dining Room, but was scared and left.  We were thoroughly entertained that evening with not only the entertainment but also with our own Malcolm Johnson.  We were all laughing back in the corner listening to his stories.  Everyone then called it an evening and headed back to their room/cabin for the evening.

Saturday morning most people got up early with not a lot of sleep the night before. Butch woke up early in the morning and went for a walk.  Hanna (resident cat) kept him company by walking behind him on the trip out and in front of him on the way back. 

The elevation at Hannagan Meadow Lodge is 9,100 ft.  Leah our server at breakfast Saturday morning said taking Benadryl or an antihistamine would help with the altitude if you have a problem. 

Some people did their own thing Saturday morning while others did the Devil’s Highway. 

There were 9 Corvettes that headed out to do Devil’s Highway.  We were in the back of the pack as the front runner’s drove on past Blue Vista Overlook where we stopped.  We got split up and became two groups.  When we looked down, we saw them from the Overlook traveling on Devil’s Highway.  The scenery was spectacular and it was a fast trip.  Eric loaned us his Walkie Talkie so we could keep in touch with everyone.  We were able to reach Dale (in Viper) and he let us know that everyone else that drove the Devil’s Highway were at a gas station in Clifton.  From there we took Hwy 78 to New Mexico over to Hwy 180 back North towards Glenwood over to Alpine.  Some stopped in Alpine (and got hailed on!) for a light snack, while others headed back to Hannagan Meadow Lodge and only got rain. 

When we got back to Hannagan Meadow Lodge we ate a late lunch. Our chef for the evening was their gourmet chef, Nevin, who spent 11 hours grilling our ribs.  Along with the ribs we had potatoes, corn, and salad. Dessert was homemade peach cobbler.  While we were eating, once again we had the staff entertain us with music.  Leah did a rendition of Bette Midler’s “The Rose” and it was very, very good.   Tonight it was “Bob night” as Bob Allyn took the stage and helped sing “Barbara Ann”.  He didn’t need any help as he was singing the song by himself!

When it got closer to sunset, a group of us went up to Blue Vista to watch the sunset in the Mountains. It was really neat as the clouds in the sky were really spectacular.  We also saw some lightning in the skies.  On the way back to Hannagan Meadow Lodge, we got “mooned” by a non-corvette driver!!!  I did not have my camera ready as we weren’t expecting anything like this!

Sunday morning we sat outside early and talked to the staff at Hannagan Meadow Lodge. Wild Bill told us stories all weekend long.  He told us that Hanna (cat) always goes walking with everyone staying at Hannagan Meadow Lodge.  She walks behind you on your way out and walks in front of you on the way back.  Bill doesn’t know how many people Hanna has actually brought back that may have been lost.  Butch said that was true because Hanna walked with him Saturday morning just as Bill had told his story.

It was nice outside listening to the peacefulness and the breeze through the trees. Some of our group started heading for home early, while others stayed around. The staff came out and thanked us all for coming. They hated to see us leave! Bill was saying that sometimes they can’t wait for people to leave…  I asked him if we were one of those groups.  He said “NO!!!  They had a meeting and it was unanimous that we weren’t allowed to leave!  They had soooo much fun with us and we fit right in with all of them”.  Ghost rider even came back to see us off.  We said good-bye to them and Ghost rider and then headed out for what was SUPPOSED to have been a leisurely drive on Devil’s Highway, but didn’t turn out that way.  We did stop at some scenic areas along the way.  We came back through Safford and ate lunch there.  It was a FAST trip getting there.

Going through Globe we saw that the forest fire had gotten MUCH larger than it was Friday.  We stopped in Superior for a break and said good-bye to everyone as this was the last stop before returning home for everyone.

The total mileage for our entire trip was 785 miles and a LOT of “exercise” for the corvette. 

The staff at Hannagan Meadow Lodge was great at taking care of us.  When the band took a break from music, they were helping take our orders, serving food, etc.  They were just fantastic!  They made us feel very comfortable and were so friendly to us.  Every meal was excellent.

This was Hannagan Meadow Lodge’s biggest weekend to date.

We had a great time the entire weekend…!  We enjoyed meeting and talking to the staff at Hannagan Meadow Lodge and everyone from Velocity Vettes, including the lone Viper (Dale and Christine).  Butch said he even made friends with some Viper people!

A Thank You to Eric for letting us borrow one of his walkie-talkies on Saturday.

A Big THANK YOU to the staff at Hannagan Meadow Lodge for everything they did for our group to make it a fun weekend.

A Huge THANK YOU to Nathaniel & Melanie Volz for organizing another great trip.  The Volz’s website can be located at

For those of you that couldn’t make it, you missed a super weekend.  As most of you know in talking with us that we do a lot of traveling in our corvette and this was by far one of the better corvette trips we’ve had.  This was also our first big road trip with Velocity Vettes and I can assure you it won’t be the last.

"True Story"

Ed Frias

Velocity Vettes

SLIDESHOW  #1 - Devil’s Hwy Driveout (awesome photos Melanie!)

SLIDESHOW #2 - Devil's Hwy Driveout (more great photos from Rich)





Papa's Place - Fletcher's Driveout

Fletcher’s – Papa’s Place Driveout – Completed! 5/23/09


Our group met at Fletcher’s Auto and Tire in Prescott Valley at 10:30am on Saturday, May 23.  We had a total of 26 people, 8 Corvettes and 5 “other” cars and SUV’s.  Since it rained all night and until about 7am, some Corvette owners were a little skeptical of the weather.  As it turned out, by the time we had to be at Fletcher’s, the roads dried up and the skies began to clear.  No worries because the weather is not usually a factor for our Velocity Vette Group!  We have lucked out on our last two Driveouts with not a drop falling from the sky (for most of us that is)!


Richard, Manager of Fletcher’s and his staff did a great job of showing all of our group around their facility.  Richard gave us a demo on his Touchless Tire mounting machine.  It is specifically designed to be used for mounting Runflat Tires on Chrome rims up to 22 inches.  We had a chance to go down into the lube pit to see the underside of a car.  John gave everyone a tour of the underneath side of Chip Creech’s 2009 Corvette.  This is a completely different perspective when looking up from underneath your car!


Richard was very generous in offering us a drawing for Free Oil Change cards… there were lots of winners so lots of us should be seeing Fletcher’s for an oil change in the near future!


At 11:30, we drove south on Hwy 69 for a half hour drive to Papa’s Place in Cordes Junction.  We were met by Lucy, the owner, who had our section all set up and waiting for us.  We were met at Papa’s by our 9th Corvette owner Larry, who drove up from Scottsdale to join us for lunch.  That made a total of 9 Corvettes, 5 other cars and 27 people!  Quite a group for being the Saturday on Memorial Day Weekend…


With the hard rain from the night before, it made a mess of the gravel/dirt parking lot which was really a “mud fest”!  There was a little pavement to drive in on but the mud did a nice job of sticking to big fat Corvette tires… arrrrgh!  Normally this isn't an issue because the parking lot is compacted and good surface to drive on.  Mother Nature just did not cooperate for us!


Once again we were able to order off the menu for a large group.  Lucy wanted us to go with a limited menu, but everyone seems to be happier ordering what they like off of the regular menu.  We do have to wait a little longer for our meals, but this is our visiting time and well worth the wait. It was a rather short wait this time. Everyone enjoyed their meals and visiting with our group.  The ribs and burgers and sandwiches all looked very good.  And the spicy FRIES were great!  We all wondered off in our respective directions towards home after lunch.


We did have six people not show up and normally this would not be an issue with the exception of the restaurant.  They plan on a certain number of people for their set up and it is sometimes an imposition for our group to show up with a different number than they expect. The restaurant is always called prior to our arriving to give them a heads up as to when we will arrive.  If you have signed up for a Driveout and find that you are not able to make it, we would appreciate an e-mail or a cell phone call to let us know that you will not be there… even if it is at the last moments notice.


See you on the road,


Ed Frias

Velocity Vettes


Map  Papa’s Place 928-632-7775

Fletcher’s Tire & Auto Service Center, 5514 Hwy 69, Prescott Valley, 445-8622



















































Black Canyon City Parade

Black Canyon City Parade - Completed!  4/4/09

We were all wondering Friday, the night before the parade, if it would even happen!!!  With winds clocked at 91mph near Flagstaff and 60mph at our house in Prescott, we were hoping this storm would blow through in time for the parade!  Miracles do happen!!!  Saturday morning was sunny and perfectly clear with a little breeze left over from the previous night.

Part of our group met at Prescott Costco where we had 14 Corvettes joining up with Prescott Vette Sette and their 20 Corvettes.  At 8am sharp, when we were ready to head south on Hwy 69, Motorcycle Officer Nathan Barto stopped traffic in the right lane so we could get all 34 Corvettes onto the Hwy without interference from any traffic.  It was so cool to see our long line of Corvettes without any other vehicles in between… that is until we hit I-17.  When we reached Black Canyon City exit 242, we headed to our staging area to meet up with 3 Corvettes already lined up.  We arrived at exactly 9am and lined up along the street and waited for the rest of our group to arrive from Phoenix.  At about 9:30, Melanie and Nathaniel Volz led 11 more Corvettes and 1 Cobra to our staging area to join up with our growing group.  We also had two more Corvettes show up unannounced… one from Black Canyon City itself and one from Casa Grande. This made a total of 27 Corvettes and 1 Cobra from Velocity Vettes and 23 Corvettes from Prescott Vette Sette for a total of FIFTY ONE cars for the parade!!! 

The Parade officially started at 10am and we were called into the parade line from our staging spot at 10:10.  We all had a great time tossing out candy to the kids lining the main street!  They love us to come each year because they end up with pretty large bags of candy for themselves.  It is much better than Halloween because all they have to do is stand there and collect it from us as we pass by!!!    There were LOTS of oohs and aahs over our cars, but one really took the show and that was our lone Cobra!  We heard MANY comments about seeing that awesome silver beauty!  Thanks Dale Volz for bringing it up from Phoenix. It was sure a beautiful site!!!  Dale was the last car in line, and was really a one man show! 

Once again this year we won FIRST PLACE!!!    This is the third year in a row with a First place win!!!  Thanks to everyone for making this a great show!!!

After we finished tossing all of our candy out to the kids, and the end of the parade line appeared, we got back on to I-17 and headed back to the same exit and turned south to the Rock Springs Café.  Since the parade route was shorter this year, we arrived at the Café about a half hour earlier than planned. The Rock Springs Café was in melt down!!!    Due to the storm from the night before, they had lost electricity and lost the roof to the back side of the kitchen!!!  They were busy as usual and were serving breakfast just like normal.  Just before our group arrived, the electricity went back on for them.  We arrived a little after 11am and lunch doesn’t start being served until 11:30.  The waitresses took all of our orders and at 11:35 our food started arriving!  That was the fastest we have EVER been served for our large group!  Thank you to Susie and all of her staff!!!  We will be back in the future.  Robert and Becky Lopez celebrated their 28th Anniversary with us on this parade day!  Congrats on soooo many years together!  Afterwards, several of the group went to the outdoor pavilion to enjoy the live music provided for the first Saturday of the month, Hogs in Heat.  It was a jumping place by the time we left!

On the return trip home, Rick and Darla Sain were pulled over by a friendly LEO (Law Enforcement Officer!).    Turns out that Rick had let his registration expire!!!  No ticket was given by this nice officer.  Several Corvettes drove by and waved because they thought Rick was being written up for speeding!!!  The LEO laughed as they drove by waving…  sorry guys… Rick was obeying the speed limit!  Registration was fixed online when Rick and Darla returned home.

Thanks to everyone joining us for this parade.  We all enjoyed a great day and we are in FIRST PLACE once again!

See you on the road!

Ed Frias

Velocity Vettes

Slideshow of the Parade























































Cottonwood Driveout

Cottonwood Driveout – Completed!  3/14/09

Cottonwood was our destination on a cool partly cloudy morning.  Our group met at Prescott Costco at 10am.  The sun came and went as we waited for everyone to show up before our departure time of 10:30am.  There were a total of 17 cars and 32 people ready to head south on Hwy 69 to Glassford Hill Rd.  At that point, we took a left and drove to the on ramp of Hwy 89A and headed north for Jerome.  The sky looked iffy at best in the direction we were headed!  Rain clouds ahead!!!   We had 4 optimistic convertibles along with tops down…  The only rain we hit was a slight mist on the windshield and then we were home free as we took the twisty Mingus Mountain road up to Jerome.    The sun was shining and it warmed up nicely.  We made it without having to stop for “tops up” time for our Corvette convertibles.  

Some of our group was wondering why Steve and Lyn DeLano cross over the yellow line at times…  If you ever see this happening, this only happens when it is safe and is solely for photo ops!  So in the future if you see us driving on the wrong side of the road, it is momentary and when we have no oncoming traffic!  We are not daredevils!!!  Ed Frias is the Leader of the pack and we are always at the rear keeping everyone inbetween us within sight.

As we drove through Jerome, all of the Saturday tourists were turning their heads to check out our nice line of Corvettes, and yes… a Mini Cooper at the end of our line!  We don’t discriminate, and anyone is welcome on our Driveouts!    It turns out that John and Darla Criddle’s Corvette was down in the valley, so this was the next best choice on another great Northern Arizona Corvette road.  We drove through Jerome and headed down the hill to the little town of Clarkdale.  We continued on and drove through “Old Town” Cottonwood.  We approached Jerona Java Café a few minutes late and filled their parking lot.  Waiting for us, were David and Ellen Weinroth, which increased our group to 34 people and 18 cars.

As we entered Jerona Java Café, owner Mary, had our tables all set up and ready for us.  She even treated us to a “help yourself” table of Coffee, Mango tea and water.  We all helped ourselves and then studied the menu with the many choices of Sandwiches, Wraps, Salads, Quesadillas and Soups.  The fruit smoothies were a real treat… and the Desserts…  If you missed out, you had better go back again and treat yourself.  Mary was a one woman show in preparing orders for 34 people.  She was like a whirl wind in her small kitchen area, pumping out food as fast as anyone has ever seen!  The service and staff was the best we have had when ordering off a menu with as many people as we had.  Ellen Weinroth made sure she was first in line for ordering instead of her normal dead last.  And Don Grobengeiser actually had a meal served to him!  They didn't forget you Don!!!   Mary added a nice touch by having Alan James strumming his instruments the whole time we were enjoying our meals.  What a nice sound and a real treat to have live entertainment just for our group.  Everyone seemed to enjoy visiting with old and new Velocity Vette people while they were seated.  We had a few new people on this Driveout, including Wayne and Bev Meddaugh and Dan Pursel and friend Anne join us for their first time.  We always like to see new faces in our crowd.

After finishing up our leisurely lunch and checking out the gift shop, everyone headed out in their different directions for the day.  The sun was shining brightly with no threat of rain for us to worry about!

I was asked about our Velocity Vette name badges and where to get them.  If you go to our FOR SALE page and scroll down, you will find the info needed for ordering.

It turned out to be a very nice day...   we will see you on the road,

Ed Frias

Velocity Vettes



























































Bagdad Driveout

Bagdad Driveout - Completed! - 2/28/09

On Saturday, February 28th, we had 29 cars meet at Albertson’s in downtown Prescott.  We were met by some pretty impressive super cars that drove up from Phoenix just to see us off on our run.  Jeff Bootz, President of the Arizona Lamborghini Club (and Z06 owner) drove his new Silver 1999 Lamborghini Diablo VT Coupe, also joined by two friends who drove a green 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and a Red 2004 575 Maranello Coupe.  Lots of eye candy for car buffs!

We also started off the morning with some yummy pizza samples provided by Chris, Manager of Streets of New York Pizza. Chris was nice enough to bring a couple of pizzas over to where we were all parked.  After enjoying the impromptu car show, the group headed out towards Skull Valley going down Iron Springs Road through Skull Valley and on down to Kirkland.  Before we arrived at Kirkland, we noticed 9 Corvettes passing us!  They were headed towards Prescott!  It was the Valley group… they decided not to wait as they arrived in Kirkland early.  So they headed up Iron Springs to try to meet up with us.  When they passed us, they turned around and headed back down the road catching up with the rear of our long line of Corvettes.

As always, it was a beautiful drive on a great day that turned out to be 71*.    This is by far the largest showing for a Velocity Vette Driveout since its inception in July 2007.  From Iron Springs Rd we continued on to Hwy 96… the best local Corvette road you can drive .  Hwy 96 has many twists and turns that make any car enthusiast feel like they are on an E-ticket ride at Disneyland!!!  Boy, am I dating myself… I don’t think they have e-tickets any longer! 

As we closed in on Bagdad, we made a right turn on Lindhal Road and headed towards Circle Bar Steakhouse.  What an impressive showing of cars!  We were now 40 cars and 73 people… joined by two more Corvettes from the Valley, at the restaurant. The locals loved it!!!  They were in shock and awe!!!  It was like their own personal car show… We all parked in the reserved parking area that Lisa had set aside for us.  Pretty nice Corvette Show!!!  The cars were watched by the “security” force just to make sure the Corvettes were looked at and not touched.

At the Circle Bar Steakhouse, we were met by Lisa (owner) and Shelby (manager) along with their extra staff that was brought in to accommodate our large group for lunch.  We were each handed a raffle ticket for a chance to win T-shirts or insulated cups that Lisa donated to our group.  Lisa also provided little veggie plates to quiet our taste buds while the waitresses took our orders. Lisa’s husband Lloyd gave us a great talk on the local area of Bagdad and interesting features and facts on Freeport McMoron Copper and Gold Inc. where he is employed as the Senior Health and Safety Specialist.  It was a fascinating history of Bagdad.

The Circle Bar Steakhouse provided everyone with awesome food!  We were allowed to order off the full menu from Prime Rib and Rib Eye steaks to subs, burgers and pizzas. However, this full menu selection option provided to our group came at a price.  Obviously, not everyone could be served at the same time with 73 orders placed all at once. Thank you for your patience!  After discussion and feedback from some of our group, we have determined that it will be necessary in future driveouts to limit the menu selections for large groups, as well as offer buffet, salad bar, hamburger bars, etc.  We were all impressed with the great variety of tasty food and the waitresses did their best to give our large group of 73 good service.

After lunch, everyone headed out in their own homebound direction.  Many of us drove back on Hwy 96 to Kirkland Junction.  From there the Phoenix group headed home down Hwy 89 to Hwy 93 and on to Hwy 60.  For the Prescott contingent, most of us headed back up Hwy 89 finding more twists and turns driving on into Prescott.  There were a few that drove back the way we came through Skull Valley on Iron Springs Road.  Our motto is “We get you there, but you go your own direction home”…!  We have many choices…

Everyone had a great drive on a perfect day!

See you on the road,

Ed Frias

Velocity Vettes

Circle Bar Steakhouse901 N. Lindahl Street- Bagdad, Az.  928-633-3484





























































Heart Attack Grill Driveout

Heart Attack Grill Driveout - Completed 1/17/09


The Prescott group met on another cold (26*), clear, beautiful morning at Albertson’s on Saturday, January 17th, at 8:30. 12 Corvettes headed down White Spar (Hwy 89) for the beginning of our “Corvette Road” Driveout for the day.  As we passed Ponderosa Tire Pros, all of the employees were outside giving us the “Corvette Wave”.  After a nice drive down Hwy 89, we met up with some of the Phoenix group at the intersection of Hwy 60 and Vulture Mine Road.  There were 3 Corvettes waiting for us and they joined into our Corvette line as we drove by.  We continued on Vulture Mine Rd for a beautiful back road drive with some fantastic views of sweeping landscapes and a mix of Saguaro Cactus and Sycamore Trees!  What a great drive through the back country!  AND… the day was perfect! 


We did have just one interesting phenomenon as we drove through this back country… Jeff Bootz had mentioned that he heard a crack in the roof when he left his house to join us.  Well as it turned out, he pulled over to check the top. It seemed okay so he took off again. The DeLano’s were right behind him and we were playing catch up going a little faster than we normally would to catch up with the group that was now way ahead.  WELL… all of a sudden we saw a yellow “flying saucer”… it was Jeff’s roof!!!  It flew off the top of his Z06 and cart wheeled into the air headed right at us!!!  The wind must have caught it and it took off to the left and ended up on the other side of the road.  Both Corvettes stopped and Jeff ran back to pick it up… We then caught up with the rest of the group now pulled over on the side of the road waiting to see what happened to the last two Corvettes.  Jeff headed straight to Freeway Chevrolet in Chandler and skipped lunch!  Fortunately, this incident didn’t happen on I-10 with all of the traffic!  It will take about a week to replace the roof and Jeff will have his Z06 back and be ready to roll again on another Driveout!


We eventually ended up on I-10 for a length of time.  We exited at Chandler Blvd and headed to Heart Attack Grill for our lunch. This is a pretty interesting place to say the least!  The “nurses” were prepared for our arrival.  We LOVED looking at their cute little “nurse outfits”…  Shades of Hooters here!  We all gave the waitresses, errr, um, “nurses” our orders and we enjoyed the 1,000,000 calorie meal of Burgers, French fry’s all cooked in LARD, and coke in a bottle…  When was the last time you saw a glass “bottle” of coke-a-cola???  Michael Davis ordered and ate the Quadruple Bypass Burger…!  We can’t believe he ate the whole thing!  That was four LARGE Burgers or 2 pounds of hamburger!  What a guy!!!  Way to go Michael!!!


Everyone had a great time enjoying their lunch and we all REALLY enjoyed the “eye candy” that the nurses were showing off!  Cute little skimpy outfits!!!   Oh, and did I mention that the weather was perfect… 79*!!!


After our lunch, everyone headed out…  Some stayed in the Phoenix area and went to South Mountain to see the views of the city and others drove back on their own.  I think that most of us headed back to Prescott up I-17.  What a great day for a Driveout!!! 


See you on the road!


Ed Frias

Velocity Vettes


Heart Attack Grill - 6185 Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ


Video Click Here
















































Wickenburg - Screamers Drive-in


Wickenburg – Screamers Drive-in – Completed!  12/6/08

 We started out on a pretty cold day (26*) at Prescott Albertson’s parking lot at 9am.  There were 9 Corvettes to start out the drive heading down White Spar and heading to Wickenburg at 9:30am.  The day turned out to be perfect!  Sunny and warming up nicely.  We hit a few windy twistys on the way down, which was just a warm up of what was to come after lunch. We also saw off to the left a strange fog formation within the hills. When we drove into Wickenburg, we headed west for a couple of miles to “Screamers Drive-in” and we all parked in front, making it look like the Corvettes really belonged there!  Meeting us there, were Phil and Joan Murray and Rod and CC Holt from the Phoenix area.  We were very proud of Bill Terry driving with “one eye”, since he had just had cataract surgery a few days before.  Fortunately, Kathy didn’t have to take over for him during this driveout!  Everyone did their ordering and ate their lunch.  What great burgers and shakes!   A real 50’s style Drive-in.  Blair, the manager, made sure everyone was happy with their orders.  We were in and out of Screamers just in time for the regular lunch crowd to show up. 

After our lunch, we all headed west to Vulture Mine Road taking a right heading to Hwy 93.  At Hwy 97 we headed east on a very cool twisty turny dandy Corvette driving road!  This is a road that you can easily “catch air” with the up and down undulations.. along with the twisty turnys!  Everyone was very well spaced out and we all had a great time.    The views were pretty  awesome to look out on, as well.  Really nice country side if you can take your eyes off of the road!  When we reached Hwy 96, we headed to Kirkland Junction on more twisty turnys!  At Kirkland Junction we turned left heading to Skull Valley.

When we reached Skull Valley, one of our group wanted to stop at the store, but there was not enough parking for all 11 of our Corvettes.  So, Ed pulled over a little ways out of Skull Valley.  This was an unintended stop, and we were not able to all pull over safely.  When we plan these Driveouts, we make sure there is enough safe parking for all of us before we make a stop.  Ed and Lyn are also always in contact by radios, to make sure everyone is with us.  So in the future, if you have a place in mind that you would like to visit on the way, please be sure to let us know previously, so we can check it out first to make sure it is a safe place for all of us.  Once we pulled out to continue on our way, we all headed up the hill on more twistys and on in to Prescott where everyone went their separate ways, which is usually how we end our Driveouts.  The Prescott Christmas Parade was just ending, so it was a little crowded around the Courthouse Square when we all arrived, but we got through it okay.  Another fantastic Driveout enjoyed by everyone!!! 

See you on the road! 

Ed Frias

Velocity Vettes


Screamers Drive-in
















































Grand Canyon Caverns Driveout

Grand Canyon Caverns Driveout- Completed! 11/15/2008

It was Saturday, November 15th when 21 Corvettes and 1 Porsche met at Prescott Costco for our Driveout to Grand Canyon Caverns on Route 66.  We had several Corvettes arrive from the Phoenix area joining us before we left Costco at 9:30. The morning started out at 32* but warmed up nicely to 70* during the day.  

Before heading out, there was a technical advisory given to all C6 Corvette owners.  They were reminded to check their cabin air filter periodically.  It is located behind the cover plate just behind the battery in the firewall.  It can be shaken out/vacuumed/rinsed off and then reused.  When it is time to replace it, you want to order the Bosch C-3722.  This filter is much heavier than the original, and is impregnated with charcoal.  GM parts dept wants $82 for the filter...  you can order it thru Checker Auto Parts for $18.99.  Ask the manager of your local Checker's to special order it thru the Bosch warehouse via "special order administration".  If you have any questions concerning ordering, you can call Lori at the Prescott, Checker's at 928-445-9480.

Our group headed west on Hwy 69 to Prescott Lakes Parkway turning north onto Hwy 89.  On our way, as we entered Chino Valley, there were 4 more Corvettes waiting for us in the Safeway parking lot.  They merged into our line just like clockwork!  We totaled 26 cars and 48 people for this Driveout.  We all headed north on Hwy 89 to I-40 taking Crookton Road exit (Route 66), so we could travel on Route 66 into Seligman. A few of us “turned it up a notch” feeling the horses under the hood run!  Somehow, Nathaniel and Melanie Volz and Gene Janowski kept on going on I-40 missing this exit, but they met up with us in Seligman.  From Seligman we drove the 22 miles to the Grand Canyon Caverns on a perfect sunny day. 

All 48 of us arrived and parked our cars, taking over the place at 11:15!  We all entered the restaurant and ordered lunch so we would be in time for our tours.  After ordering our lunches, we all made it over to the Curio shop to buy our tour tickets, returning to our tables where most of our lunches were served shortly after.  We did have a Birthday Boy… Bill McQuade decided to celebrate his day with us!  Happy Birthday Bill!   We had a little dessert for him as we all sang Happy Birthday. 

The Caverns are amazing and very intriguing with a lot of history.  There is a year round temperature of 56*. Grand Canyon Caverns is a natural limestone cavern 210 feet underground and the largest dry cavern in the U S, with an elevator that goes down 21 stories.  Near the natural entrance, they found skeletal remains of an extinct giant ground sloth. This animal lived and died during the Age of Mammals, when the Woolly Mammoth and the Saber-Tooth Tiger walked the earth. They've all been extinct for at least 11,000 years. There was enough of the skeleton found to determine height and weight of the model that stands near the area where the skeletal remains were found. "Gertie" as they call her, stands 15 feet, 4 inches and would have weighed at least 2,000 pounds. You can also see claw marks on the rocks where she tried to climb out.  Her living relatives are the anteater, the modern-day tree sloth and the armadillo!  There is also a petrified bobcat that had fallen through the original opening in the mid 1850’s to the cavern below where he is curled up on a rock ledge.  He died here with a fracture to his hip.

These caverns are huge in certain areas, and they even have weddings for those that want the “different and unusual” wedding to be remembered!  They also have rations of water in 50 gallon drums and food that were brought down during the Cold War, thinking they would provide a safe haven for about 2000 people.  One thing that Di Mannen noticed was that they only had THREE rolls of toilet paper…  THAT could be a problem for that many people staying in the Cavern during an all out war! 

We had a great time and decided to go our separate ways back home with several stopping in Seligman to check out the town on the famous “Route 66”.

See you on the road!

Ed Frias

Velocity Vettes

Grand Canyon Caverns
















































Diva's Driveout

Diva's Driveout - Completed!  11/7/2008

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory & Talking Rock - Diva Driveout

On Friday, November 7th on a crispy, cold (28*) beautifully clear day, we had 39 “Divas” (girls only!) and 27 beautiful Corvettes which met at Prescott Gateway Mall.  In the parking lot, after finally warming up, the Corvettes were very nicely lined up with the help of our parking attendants, Steve DeLano, Ed Frias, and Craig Wolfson. Our first stop was at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, where we were met by fellow Corvette and store owner, Renee Cooperman.  She had an array of samples for all of us to try out before we all decided on our purchases, mostly for the husbands!  We were also given “goodie” bags from Michelle, Marketing Director of the Prescott Gateway Mall, which included coupons worth over $700 in discounts.  After filling up Renee’s store to the max with all of our ladies, we then headed out to the parking lot, where our guys, helped line up the ladies Corvettes for takeoff, heading to Talking Rock for lunch. We did have the help of the Mall’s security vehicle, which blocked off the street at the Mall entrance so we could all proceed as a group.  That is a lot of Corvettes!  We had a beautiful drive out there and when we reached Talking Rock, about a ½ hour’s drive north on Williamson Valley Road, the Gate Guard at the entrance to Talking Rock said he had been waiting all morning to see us arrive! We then drove toward the Clubhouse and were directed by Jon, F & B Director, to a separate parking area Jon had reserved just for us.  We then proceeded to fill that parking lot with all of our shinny Corvettes!  We made our way inside to the very comfortable room that I reserved for our lunch.  What a great place!  We had the “Room with a View” all to our selves.  This is a beautiful setting overlooking the golf course and a very pleasing place to spend time eating and visiting with everyone. 

Before lunch, there was an award given!  It was the “Devil Rock” Award… given to Pam Wolfson in honor of her hitting a rock on Velocity Vettes last Driveout on October 4/5.  That rock put a hole in the oil pan of Pam’s 2004 Black Z06.  The Wolfson’s and DeLano’s ended up waiting 2 ½ hours for a tow truck to arrive (read previous Driveout below) all the way from Safford where we sat on the Devil’s Hwy and waited(Hwy 191 in eastern Arizona). This highway has the most switchbacks (over 500) within 60 miles, of any Highway in the entire country!  Also, a special mention was made regarding the long drive up from Phoenix for this Diva Drivout made by CC Holt and her guest Amy.  Thanks for coming so far for lunch!

Our lunch was incredible as prepared by Award winning Chef Jeff Kincaide and everyone enjoyed the food, fun and wine!  We had a special menu choice of Bay Shrimp Salad, Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich, or Grilled Chicken Caesar all of which included Vichyssoise or Cream of Broccoli & Cheddar soups.  Many of us decided to test out the Award winning choices of wine to enjoy with our lunch.  Kudos goes to Jon Esquibel, Food & Beverage Director, for arranging all of the details for our wonderful Diva Driveout lunch at Talking Rock!  We will be back!!!

See you on the road,

Lyn DeLano

Velocity Vettes











































Devil's Highway Driveout

Devil's Highway Driveout - Completed! 10/4-5/2008

 The Devil did his dance!

On Saturday, October 4th, 4 Corvettes met at Costco.  It was a cloudy day, but no rain!  We headed out on Hwy 69 to Hwy 169.  We hit I-17 north for several miles to General Crook’s exit.  From there we headed east on Hwy 260 through Pine and Strawberry with a short potty stop in Payson.  From Payson we headed to Pinetop/Lakeside were we met the group from Phoenix which consisted of 3 Corvettes and also 1 Corvette from Silver City, New Mexico.  We had a great lunch at Mama Bears in Pinetop. We all sat together in the “glass” room and relaxed before continuing on.  After lunch, we all headed out under still cloudy skies to Eager staying on Hwy 260, where several gassed up.  It just started in with rain before we reached the Hwy 191 exit heading south.  On Hwy 191 south we passed through some amazingly beautiful pine forests going through Alpine and ending up at Hannagan Meadow Lodge (9,100 ft) where it was still pouring when we arrived.  We checked into our rooms and cabins and all gathered to sit on the front porch.  The rain didn’t hold back 6 Corvettes from driving 6 miles down the Hwy to the view point!  We ended up seeing nothing and getting soaked, so headed back to the Lodge to sit in front of the big fireplaces to dry off and warm up!  We were introduced to Hanna, resident (and very pregnant) kitty.  We all thought she would have her kittens any minute the whole time we were there… but she never did!  Managers, Wild Bill and Antonia McLain were the most wonderful and accommodating people!  It was very interesting to see photos on the walls and read all of the history of this amazing place.  We also  enjoyed listening to the many stories that Bill had to tell…  like in is in an advertisement for G.Q. Magazine and he was also in several movies as an extra with Kevin Costner, Danny Glover and most recently "Miracle at Sage Creek" with David Carradine.  Bill’s main function is Horse Packing trips, while Antonia runs the Lodge so very efficiently with only a few employees.

After everyone dried off and sat around relaxing and chatting we had dinner in the Lodge dining room where we had wonderful meals which included Prime Rib, Rib Eye steak, Salmon, Chicken and all the fixin’s.  Bill brought out a biscuit and gravy for Steve DeLano’s dessert, because he couldn’t wait for the morning buffet breakfast!  Needless to say, we were all VERY full!  After much chatting, we all headed to bed only to be rudely awakened by a HUGE flash of light and a thunder bolt at 4:30am!  There was no warning for this, and everyone woke up. That flash of light could have woken up the dead!  It continued through out the morning hours. It must have hit right next to the buildings we were all in.  When it was time to get up and go down for the great buffet breakfast, it was STILL raining.  We were all in the dining room when we noticed looking out the windows that it had started to SNOW!!!  This was only 7am and we were leaving around 9am.  The whole group sat looking outside when they noticed Michael Davis with his little micro fiber towel trying to wipe off the snow from his car.  There was much laughter over that one!  By the time everyone had eaten and we were ready to head out after saying our good byes to Bill, Antonia and crew (including Hanna the kitty), it was warming up enough for about 4 inches of snow to turn into slush. 

Nathaniel and Melanie Volz headed out in the lead to take the 8 Corvettes down Devil’s Highway (666) otherwise known as Hwy 191 south.  There are over 500 turns from top to the bottom on the Devil’s Hwy. We drove very slowly until the slush turned to rain and eventually after about 10 miles there was just intermittent rain.  We saw lots of rocks in the road which we mostly avoided.  At one point there was even a tree that had fallen across the road.  It was flattened down enough that our Corvettes could even drive over it bark and all, without damage to any of our cars.  Finally the rain stopped and the sun was popping in and out of the clouds.  We got about half way down the 60 mile twisty turny drive and stopped at a view point to stretch.  We decided that the Divas would take a turn at driving this wildly fantastic Corvette road.  That included Ethan, who was riding in Steve Karp’s Black C5 Vert.  They decided it was time to switch along with the ladies.  We went along okay for many miles keeping in contact on our radios about any rocks in the road from the rain and snow, which we all missed… except for one Diva!  Pam Wolfson was going to go around a rock (that would only prove to be menacing to Corvettes!) and decided at the last minute that she could go over it!!!  Not to be!!!  As she drove over it, that rock put a hole in the oil pan before that rock was obliterated!  The Wolfson’s poor Z06 was puking oil on the road until she was able to pull over on the shoulder.  At that point we all stopped.  Several in front of her kept going until we contacted them on the radio and they turned around and came back up the turn to where we were pulled over.  Everyone tried their cell phones and only Pam Wolfson’s and Becky Lopez’s fortunately worked in that twisty canyon.  Pam was able to call Safford, 70 miles away, and request a flatbed tow truck.  We all waited around and decided that the rest of the group should head on down the rest of the way.  They did and stopped and had dinner at Jerry’s Restaurant before splitting up and heading home… Phoenix, Prescott and Silver City, N.M.

While Craig and Pam Wolfson waited for the tow truck to arrive, they were kept company by Steve and Lyn DeLano.  It took 2 ½ hours, but the sun was out and no more rain!  When the car was loaded on the tow truck, the DeLano’s took off and headed to Safford where they had already planned to stay the night.  The Wolfson’s had a history lesson from the tow truck driver of the surrounding area as they drove back to Safford.  They saw some Big Horn Sheep and were told all about the HUGE copper mine at Morenci.

The driver dropped them off at a motel close to the Chevy dealership so they could be within walking distance of their Corvette.  They got up the next morning and went to the dealership, which actually had two Certified Factory Corvette Techs that could work on the damage.  Steve and I stopped by to see how they were doing with the repair before we left to head back to Prescott Monday morning.  The car was up on the rack and we could walk under it to see the minimal damage to the rest of the under carriage.  The bottom of the oil pan was removed and cleaned up and all of the pieces from the silver dollar sized hole were actually inside the pan.  The pan was sent out to a welder to be repaired, only to discover that the welder did not feel comfortable welding the aluminum oil pan.  He didn’t think it would the weld would hold, and was afraid the aluminum oil pan would warp under the intense heat.  So Craig talked the Techs into letting Craig do the welding himself as well as reinstall the pan… very nice to be knowledgable and experienced!  He did the job, reinstalled the oil pan, took the car across the street to have a wash after that dirty drive in the rain and snow, and then headed back to Prescott later in the day!  They got home late that night.

We do believe that the Devil was with us on this whole trip…  all 700+ miles!  Maybe that is why Ed Frias was in California and missed this trip!

Those of you that didn’t go on this Driveout will never know what an experience you missed!

Lyn DeLano

Velocity Vettes

Hannagan Meadow Lodge

Map to Hannagan Meadow


































































Mormon Lake Lodge Driveout

Mormon Lake Lodge Driveout - Completed! 8/23/2008

Our Driveout for Saturday, August 23rd was to beautiful Mormon Lake Lodge.  This was Velocity Vettes inaugural Driveout over a year ago.  This time the group met at Costco in Prescott at 8:30am and we headed out at 9:00. We had 9 Corvettes start out from Prescott, going east on Hwy 69.  We then headed east on Hwy 169.  At the junction of Hwy 169 and I-17, we met up with the group of 5 Corvettes that came up from Phoenix.  They were able to slide right into our group as we headed on to the freeway.  We numbered 14 beautiful Corvettes on the road.  After picking up the others, we headed north on I-17 to General Crooks Trail exit and east on Hwy 260.  We had a beautiful sunny drive on Hwy 260 with all of its wide sweeping turns, a great Corvette driving road among the tall pine trees.   We then headed north on Hwy 87, another interesting driving road with lush green meadows and tall pine trees in picture postcard settings.  As we came up on Lake Mary Road, we turned left and headed north for 27 more miles with yet more lush greenery.  The Monsoons have been kind this year to Northern Arizona!  At that point we turned left at the sign onto Mormon Lake Road and drove the 2 miles to Mormon Lake Lodge.  What a crowded place this was!  There were several other bike clubs and a BMW car club coming in just as we were leaving, besides all of the tourists on ATV’s, bikes, horses, etc.  It was definitely summer time at Mormon Lake Lodge!

Our lunch was again just as good as we remembered it from last year!  Jennifer, F & B Manager, had our tables all set up for us as we arrived.  Before lunch, many of us toured the Zane Gray Museum attached to the restaurant.  What an interesting array of items that are hanging on the walls and in glass cases.  It is full of historical photos and letters.  Author, Zane Gray, left many mementos as he traveled the world.  This was one place that he treasured as he lived and wrote in this area for many years.

The wait staff did a great job of serving all of our 27 people.  And boy did we have our food quickly for as busy as it was!  Everyone had an excellent meal to carry them through the rest of the day.  After lunch, the group meandered outside to realize that a huge thunder cloud had formed right over the Lodge!  It was now RAINING, after a beautiful sunny drive to get there, and only ONE puffy cloud in the sky when we went into the restaurant.  The weather in the Mountains can sure change in a heartbeat.

Our entire group headed home the same way we arrived.  We waited a bit to see if the rain would stop and it was just a sprinkle when we headed out on Lake Mary Road to Hwy 87 south.  This is where it POURED and must have washed all of the bugs off of our cars.  (The temps went from 62* at the highest elevation, 7450 feet, to 104* in Camp Verde.) Then on to Hwy 260 west to General Crook’s Trail, to I-17 south.  Some of us returned back to Prescott and some returned to the Phoenix area.  Another memorable Driveout to remember!

See you on the road!

Ed Frias

Velocity Vettes

Mormon Lake Lodge





















































Wupatki/Sunset Crater Driveout


Wupatki-Sunset Crater Volcano Driveout 

Completed! - 7/26/2008

 Ed and I founded Velocity Vettes exactly one year ago this month, July 2007.  We have close to 300 hits a month on our website, so I guess we are doing this right!  What a great way to celebrate our one year anniversary!  We had one of the largest crowds of Corvette owners join us for the Wupatki/Sunset Crater Volcano Driveout on Saturday, July 26th.  The majority of the group met at Costco in Prescott at 9am.  12 cars headed east on Hwy 69.  Our line of Corvettes turned on to Hwy 169 and headed east again.  As we approached I-17, Ed contacted Nathaniel to make sure the Phoenix group was at the I-17/169 meeting place waiting for us.  As planned, they were there waiting to jump back on to I-17 with us.  They waited next to the on ramp to I-17 and joined in our long procession just like clockwork!  We then headed north on I-17 and picked up Bill and Pat McQuade, one more Corvette, as we passed the Hwy 260 on ramp.  Only… they weren’t there!  They had gone up to the next exit to see if they would have a better view at that on ramp to see us driving up the freeway, but they didn’t.  So as they drove back, we saw them heading south as we passed by the Hwy 260 exit.  They got back on I-17 heading north and eventually caught up with our group.  Then... there was something about Rod and his daughter arriving late!  Coffee was spilled on Rod’s pants a few blocks from home, just as they were leaving Phoenix and he had to go back to the house to change clothes!  They finally caught up with us at Brandy’s.  We totaled 20 Cars and 37 people by the time we were at the restaurant.… 

We had a little glitch before arriving at Brandy’s…  There was a different street name where we were to turn left and several Corvettes went straight looking for the street.  Ed, already at the restaurant, jumped into his Z06 and went to rescue the 6 or so lost drivers.  We arrived at Brandy’s Restaurant at about 11:15am.  Andy, the Manager, had anticipated our time of arrival (with a phone call from Ed on the road) and had the tables set up for us.  What a great place!  It was very busy, but all 37 of us were fortunate to be seated when we arrived. The food was unbelievable!  You could order breakfast until 2:30pm or choose from the lunch menu.  The owner Brandy, even made a special trip in to greet our group. Everyone was very satisfied with the menu and the many choices you could order.  The sweet potato fries were the most popular item on the menu!  We now understand why Brandy’s Restaurant has won many awards for Northern Arizona Restaurants.  The location of Brandy’s also provided us with easy access and unlimited parking, so all of our Vettes could be parked together! 

After chowing down at Brandy’s, Ed again led our 20 Cars north on Hwy 89 about 12 miles to the first Visitor Center at Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument.  What a site to see… 19 Corvettes and 1 Porsche heading up the Highway!  

We all parked and got out to visit the Sunset Crater area.  Volcanic ash and lava as far as the eye could see. After 700 years, plants are just starting to grow in the cinders. The skies were very dark and the lightning was dancing in the distance, remnants of Hurricane Dolly that headed into the Southwest area of the Country.  Loud thunder added to the mix!  Many brave souls made the short walk on the path provided.  By the time this hardy group made the loop, it was raining pretty hard.  We then all jumped into our cars and drove the remaining 35 mile loop to Wupatki Pueblo.  It rained a little along the way and when we arrived at Wupatki, the rain stopped and the sun eventually came out again.  What an awe inspiring place this was! These ruins housed up to 100 people and the area includes a ball court, so they must have been sports minded as well.  There is also a “blow hole” located just below the ball court.  Many of us placed our hands over this small hole in the ground, and you could feel the cool air rising from the cavern below.

It was a very interesting day to say the least!  After we finished viewing Wupatki Pueblo, many of our group headed down Hwy 89 to I-40 and on to Hwy 89A.  We drove through beautiful Oak Creek Canyon and into Sedona.  We thought driving through Sedona so late in the afternoon (5pm)... along with threatening skies, would allow us clear sailing through this Red Rocks area!  It was not to be!  There was a considerable back up in traffic in this congested area! They had construction going on right in the middle of Sedona.  They are putting in a round-a-bout and there is only one lane of traffic going each way.  It was stop and go for about 30 minutes!  If we had known this, we would have chosen a different route! Once past that little hold up, we flew on home!  Some of us chose to go through Jerome then on to Prescott.  Others headed down I-17 south to their homes in Phoenix and Scottsdale.  We all had a wonderful day with a little rain and a little sun and some very impressive sites!  Thanks to all who participated, and a big Thank You to Kenneth who supplied me with some of his great photos!

See you on the next Driveout!

Ed Frias                                                               

Velocity Vettes

Wupatki National Monument

Sunset Crater Volcano


Brandy's Restaurant

Map and Menu